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  1. That's brilliant advice. One problem though . . I didn't quite have a choice. As part of switching over my phone, I swtiched my phone number over as well. I think they called it a win-back. Verizon apparently does something at the backend to switch the number, and cancel it from my other provider without customer involvement.
  2. Well the situation keeps getting better. I woke up this morning and found that I have no phone service. Apparently, as part of my switch over, my phone will also be put over the fiber. Since they couldn't do the fiber install yesterday, my phone service could not be switched. Meanwhile, my old provider stopped service at the end of day yesterday (as they were supposed to do). I am on the phone with Verizon now, and they are just as confused as I am about what happened. More importantly, I have no phone, no internet. They are telling me I need to speak with the copper department to have phone service connected until fiber can be installed. This has turned into a joke, and a complete waste of my time. I should have stuck with my old provider.
  3. I was supposedly all set up for install today. After noticing that nobody had come out to do a cable run in advance, I started to get concerned. I called verizon this morning to make sure I was still scheduled for today. She checked the schedule and assured me someone would be out. I mentioned to her that it was my understanding that a cable run needed to be performed prior to the installation. Once again, she assured me that everything was in order and that installation would, in fact, take place as scheduled. Fast forward to this afternoon. The installer comes by, and asks where the cable drop was performed. After telling him that it hadn't, he makes some calls, finds out that the 3rd party service just learned of my order today. Long story short, they can't do the cable drop until Sept. 7th. The technician couldn't do a temporary above ground run because he would have had to cut across a couple driveways. I called Verizon and very patiently explain to the supervisor how frustrated I was. I cancelled my previous internet service at the end of day today, and now I am left without service until the 7th. I explained to him all the great things I read/heard about not only the service itself, but the installation as well, but that he was clearly dealing with a very unsatisfied customer. He responded by telling me all he could do was give me a 25.00 credit, and do everything possible to make sure the 7th date is met. Personally, I find the 25.00 creidt laughable. I just switched my long distance/local service/, as well as Internet (fiber) and even ordered directv through verizon. The relationship is certainly off to a rocky start. Any other suggestions?
  4. After searching the site, I think(?) I answered my own question. since I am planning to order the 5mbps package, and my wireless is 802.11b, then it sounds like the speed I am purchasing fits within the range supported by my equipment. Do I have this right?
  5. Or do I need to get the unit provided by Verizon?
  6. Or do I need to get the free unit provided by Verizon? I am about to place my order, and this is all very new to me. This site is very helpful, although sometimes overwhelming for someone who is not as technically inclined. Thanks for the info.
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