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  1. What a yellow coward. Now pass those damned milky ways water.
  2. I tend to agree with the one on HUD. It does need help, AND more control.
  3. Sprint. And if they offered I'd jump. But I was also warned by an employ not to give up and just jump. You even have to get a new modem as far as I know. Which would be ok, but I don't mind it slower really. Its worth it. There is no way I could live with a 5GB limit per month.
  4. Most have gone to 4G now. They say its much faster. I am still on 3G though. Might switch one day, but my 3G is still unlimited.
  5. I do ... I feel all warm inside now. Wait .... maybe that was the bourbon.
  6. Did you also check with Sprint and Cricket for EVDO? True unlimited usage these days is getting a bit tough though. And welcome to the forum.
  7. Well when Obama is spending more than the now non working people can pay, and it is all borrowed? Is it so hard to see? Apple gets cold hard cash for their product, it would not suprise me who all has more actualy value than the USA government. Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job. And recovery is when Obama loses his job.
  8. And fitted for one of the wifes dress's and some earrings to match. Whatever one uses is the best, and the one that is sold most is the most popular. That about sums it up.
  9. Average Joe. His/her kid needs a computer (or maybe just wants) and he/she has to make it fit into the budget. Which way is he/she gonna swing in todays economy. He/she is gonna probably buy a PC. Is he/she gonna buy a Ford or Lincoln PU just to show what he makes? He's gonna make bills and buy the Ford for less. (I could have said Cadillac and Chevy, but would not be buried in one personally ) Anyway average Joe will save the extra money and buy PC. And thats exactly why more are sold. And to us the most bang for the buck. Not saying a few of you have justified it for your income. That you do over and over.
  10. The problem there are those that intend to pay extra because it is available. Unlike us poor working stiffs who upgrade when neccessary not when we have the loose change and momma will let us. And they get insulted if you surmise that theyonly have it because of the money, and even force the comparison of more expensive brands just to prove they are right. facts if you have the money and "maybe" the need get a mac. For the average working stiff windows does us fine and does what we want. Undeniable truth. I would buy emachines or gateway way before shitcanning lots of cash on a apple or mac cash draining machine. But then I dont need a machine like that either. And the "AVERAGE" joe doesn't either. PS, if you people think that is flamimg for TMN? You have either just joined in the last year or two ............ or the memory is the first thing to go. What was there was nothing.
  11. Good cause its starting to smell and look like a locker room around here. <kidding> Always refreshing to see the ratio change.
  12. Ditto, quad and 8 gigs is still cool.
  13. IMO It depends on available extra cash to spend, and need. I prefer windows for my budget and needs. Its enough
  14. If you want to see me, check the pic section in this forum. If you want more you have to request. I don't waste time on twitter, face book, my space. IMO they are all a waste of time and resources. I share with only who I wish to share with. The rest don't really matter, what do I want somebody across the world to see me? My friends get all the pics they wish. And I have a few.
  15. So do it right after thanksgiving, and do the research a week or 2 ahead. Thats what I usually do for big electronic purchases.
  16. I tried to get them to put 235 candles on the cake, they were scared water was too far from where we were eating. Happy birthday America. And many more still. :'>
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