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  1. I was upgraded to a g.bond modem combining two 12 Mbps lines to give me 24/2 service. The quality appears to be much improved and the speed tests look pretty good from other tests but my testing with testmy.net seems to be a lot slower.
  2. Just found your site yesterday and I love it! I have been using DSL 10+ years. Before that I had dial up and then Huges Satellite internet. I know a little about troubleshooting the issues plaguing my connection but I want to learn more. I need to find the program that will run on android, windows, mac or linux that will provide indisputable proof that issues plaguing my connection are outside my house ie:Windstream's responsibility. Mostly I ignore my poor DSL service because 1. They have a monopoly here as they also own the cable company. 2. It works just enough to get by most days. However they are suppose to upgrade me to 24 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up soon and I thought I would see how well it is currently working. Not well at all so I don't know what it is going to benefit me to have increased speed. Thanks for providing the great tools and forums here.
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