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  1. Hi Spoiler - well, I've no previous experience of satellite so I'm on a learning curve. The installation engineer returned on the second day to see both the original very slow speed results and the much improved ones. He put the difference down to my specific link not being fully set up by the central Nordnet team for the first results, but time will tell. I'm now beginning to test more frequently and seem to be averaging around the 10Mbs so from a previous 3Mbs maximum you can imagine I'm well pleased. I don't download much in the way of files and rarely use youtube so can't help out there with experience. Confession time - the main reason for switching to this satellite system was for improved VOIP calls to family across the Channel and the big pond too. Previous calls were plagued with drop outs and 'stammering' conversations that really wound me up - so a change was required. So far, so good.
  2. Living in France in La Charente I had exceedingly poor service from France Telecom / Orange for my landline phone and internet so switched to Alsatis for their local WiFi system. This was a big improvement on ADSL speed, but the phone links were absolutely rubbish. Did I go back to a land line for phone only and continue with Alsatis for internet? No. It was more costly than switching to a Nordnet satellite system which was installed yesterday. I found this site and tested my download speed via the satellite link, but found only 0.5 Mbs maximum, but for some reason, 24 hours later it had improved to 18.7Mbs. Who knows where it goes from here?
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