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  1. However I am curious Mr.Yukon , what devices allow setting static, reservations or otherwise within a DHCP range ? Mind you I don't do a lot of 'home

     devices as of late to be in the know on the reasoning or possible conflicts of that. I have not seen any device that function this way, or am I completely mis understanding the basics of reserving IP adresses, and how a dynamic ip server functions ?



    The printer should not NEED a static IP for the iPhone to catch it , this sounds more like as Mr.Yukon touched on , a hostname forwarding/ caching issue. 

    Technically, you can do this with any device, though it is NOT best practice to do so.


    Most home users can get away with it due to the fact that they only need a small amount of IP Addresses in the first place. If you only have a laptop, an iPad, and a smart phone connected on your wireless network with a DHCP range of x.x.x.2-254 and your DHCP server doesn't crash or hold on to expired leases..... You can get away with adding a couple devices within the range with minimal issues, if any at all.


    I put that 'advice' out there for those that are not technically savvy as far as subnetting goes. It's a rather large burden for those that do not know to find where to change there DHCP pool in their device(s) just for a damned printer. lol Plus, ISP issues that lead to reseting the router to factory defaults... People forget to set stuff up again and then the network is trashed. *shrugs*


    Most of the printer issues that I saw were caused by the firewall blocking Bi-Directional communication between two networks and/or SNMP.





    Apple says it's your printers fault. :2funny:


    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4527300?start=0&tstart=0 <-- This seems like it may be the answer.




  2. DHCP range for most D-Link routers:


    Your subnet is so only the last octet of your IP address is going to change; 192.168.0.x


    You CAN set static IP addresses inside the DHCP range/pool and that is common in a home environment.


    You will want to set a static IP on your printer that is easy to remember; e.g.


    If your printer has the option to set a Hostname you may consider setting it to something easy to remember as well; e.g. PRINTER001 or something simplistic.



    Try that, if it still doesn't work see if their are extra settings on your phone for the printer. I don't use iPhone's so I can't give 'valid' advice on them without your input.

  3. Could be... The more I read into it the more it seems to be a brick...


    Have you tried the D-Link Forums?
    Different than what you have... But same general question: Is it bricked?




    This guy got into a different switch using the reset... He wasn't smart enough to change his computers network to match the switch though...
    It's commical, but still points more to a bricked switch for you...


    Have you tried to find anything out from D-Link or other tech sites that might clue you in to what Firmware Version your switch "should" have on it. Maybe that will narrow down your search. Otherwise, D-Links forums are dogshit and so is most of what is on google...

    Where did you get the device?

  4. This wasn't helpful for me, but I don't have one of these devices on hand...



    Seems there is nothing fancy about the Reset Button or process. The device is setup to use Utility Software or a WebUI.


    Have you tried ? I don't think I saw anything about it using SSL, but you may want to try that as well.

    Did you pick this thing up from eBay? If you can't get it working soon you may want to contact the seller.

  5. Thank you both for the warm welcome.


    Gotta love that sweet, sweet fiber optic honey. Apparently, I have the ability to sign up for speeds up to 300/65 or something like that... The rep. says most people can't get that high... ODD


    Anyway, I may post content on security hardware. I don't do much on the software side of things.





  6. New to the forums, but have been testing speeds with TMN for a very long time... I don't remember how long, so please don't ask... hah


    So far I like what I see and will likely pop in and out of the Security & Firewalls section(s); that is where my passions lie.

    Look forward to chatting with yall.


    Take care,


    Mr. Yukon

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