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  1. Hi Ninjageek You would be amazed at all the technology out there now. Did you know you can hook up your phone via bluetooth/Wifi and it would automatically pick up your phone calls when it rings? The car speakers acts as your 'hands free kit' essentially you can then talk without having to answer your phone with your hands whilst driving
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    welcome Obie, nice to have you around
  3. Hi testmy.net Thank you for this site first of all. I have browsed through it and found it very informative. Some of the results I got were astonishing to say the least. I am currently on Sky Broadband (Unlimited) they advertise up to 24mbps down but in actual fact I get 4.1 down, according to this test result. Sky claims I should get between 7-14 Mbps so this is significantly lower than what was advertised for me. I pay £7.50 which isn't much at all but the point is I am not getting what they claimed I would get. ​I shall be bookmarking this site and checking back regularly on members score. I find it interesting to see what other get from other countries and maybe compare my results with them
  4. :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 3951 Kbps or 4 Mbps Download Speed Test Size:: 2.8 MB or 2912 kB or 2981888 bytes Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 494 kB/s Upload Connection Speed:: 637 Kbps or 0.6 Mbps Upload Speed Test Size:: 544 kB or 557056 bytes Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 80 kB/s Timed:: Download: 6.037 seconds | Upload: 6.992 seconds Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Version 13 Test Time:: 2013-09-10 07:19:14 Local Time Location:: Unknown GB >> Destination:: Dallas, TX US Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/civpPLW.QuLrSUs TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 2.06 Mbps | Middle Avg 4.64 Mbps | Max 10.92 Mbps | 74% Variance TiP Data Points:: 2.06 Mbps, 3.37 Mbps, 3.35 Mbps, 3.24 Mbps, 2.53 Mbps, 2.07 Mbps, 2.23 Mbps, 2.7 Mbps, 3.94 Mbps, 5.22 Mbps, 5.62 Mbps, 6.04 Mbps, 7.11 Mbps, 8.13 Mbps, 2.06 Mbps, 5.19 Mbps, 5.09 Mbps, 10.92 Mbps, 2.8 Mbps More Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/Melvyn Figueroa https://testmy.net/compID/2037958288 User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Iron/25.0.1400.0 Chrome/25.0.1400.0 Safari/537.22 [!] I am on Sky Broadband from Birmingham UK. I am on an unlimited package getting up 20 Mbps but my line seems to average 5 Mbps. I pay £7.50 a month for this service.
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