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  1. TCP Optimizer never got me the correct download rates always maxed my connection. Now bare with me all connections do need a push a certain tweak to make them faster, so what works for some, may not always work for others. I have always used Cablenut, simply because of the sheer support that the website has to offer towards it. Plus I feel it tweaks more than TCP Optimizer. Most users like TCP Optimizer because it's more, "User-friendly", and thats fine for most, but when you absolutely want the most the connection can give you, I'd suggest using Cablenut, as it has the support of most of testmy.net's users.

  2. Man if only I could touch this score ever again, waiting on my 680i LT motherboard again, got bored, only 4 more days til' I get it back. :smile2:

    Intel Pentium 4 630 - 3.0Ghz - HT Enabled - x15 Multiplier - 200Mhz FSB

    EVGA 7600GS - Overclocked @ 501 Core 419 Memory - (Stock: 400 Core 400 Memory)

    2048MB 3.0-3-3-8 200Mhz (Pumped 400Mhz) 1:1 Ratio FSB:RAM

    Intel i915P/i915G

    Though y'all would like to see. [geek-small]

  3. I just re-installed on my older computer as of the RMA on my motherboard. I'ts already been a tough one, thought I'd share the story, as all my updates are downloading at the moment. So the first time I tried installing, I was being stupid forgot about the way this computers power supply loves to shut itself off when it touches metal. So I had to get a CD out of one of my Cd Drives that was in my other case, plugged it in and got the cd out, simply unplugged the molex cord and let it go, well it hit a piece of metal, sparks went everywhere. Needless to say system automatically shut down, like now. So the second attempt went smoothly got almost all the way through updating and decided since my harddrive changed it's letter from C: to H: because I installed my other systems harddrive, that I'd go about trying to find a quick tip on google to switch it back. Well the quicktip was a registy edit, deep within the registry where I could change the drive letters and what not. So I followed the tip, and it worked perfectly until I restarted. Would boot but read the drive I changed as the main drive. I'm guessing here, anyways it would load windows, but would go to a blue screen not the BSOD, but a dark blue screen, and nothing else would happen. Since I knew of nothing to fix it I simply began to reinstall. And I'm currently updating. So I hope this shows not that registry editing something that dependant is extreamly dangerous to your system, but that if your going to find a quick tip, use testmy.net, lol, just thought y'all wanted a little story. Back to updating. [geek-small]

  4. It was not read on a system I forgot about that was in the back room. Did the same thing as this so that eliminates the motherboard, now it could be the DVD Drive or the DVD itself. Although it's read perfectly right now in the OS I'm running XP sp3. I'm not quiet sure of the DVD drive because not but three days ago I installed Battlefield 2142 which is a DVD install. I'm not sure of how the Vista DVD could of been corrupted though, it's been collecting dust for a few months now. :?

  5. Currently I do not have another computer to try it on. Yes it's original I ever have the case it came with. I just read up about what could cause it something about it not being set to primary, although it is set to primary. It just froze my computer I had to once again eject it to get back to typing this. After I re-ejected it, it was found and started to ask me if I wanted to begin installation, although the first time it was not, I'm going to try and see if it'll find it now for a clean install.

  6. Whenever trying to get into setting up Vista for installation. It'll stall. Say I've just loaded the drivers, the next screen will appear and nothing until I eject the DVD then the screen comes up? A Little weird if you ask me. I've never had this problem before. Maybe it's just this motherboard. Cursed motherboard. Anyone else every had this problem. If so how do I go about fixing it. I know that this configuration works I've had Vista installed before. Thanks for the help y'all.

    EVGA 680i LT - BIOS Release P06 & P07 both I've tried on.

    Intel C2D - e6600

    512 x4 - 2 Gigs 800Mhz

  7. Alright I've troubleshooted, reset and restarted, and forced 100mbps full-duplex.

    Still no lil orange light. Hmph, also I just after restarting because I cleaned out my Ethernet drivers and all the drivers needed for the system, found that it would not post, it would get to verifying DMI pool data, and simply freeze. I think I might be sending this motherboard back, Ethernet port doesn't work, Freeze while verifying, I don't know. What should I do.


  8. Ever since I have received my replacement motherboard from EVGA, I can no longer see the orange light on the Ethernet port, green flashes like a raped ape, but no orange. Could this simply be a driver error, also when I boot and everything loads it says limited connection, but then connects itself. Any clue as to how to go about fixing this?


  9. I've got the motherboard back, and strange this motherboard is the same as the one I shipped in but it came with a BIOS I've never tested, it was how ever literally very unstable and when I was installing windows XP, Failed install once and then failed to launch until I got it completely updated. Although those issues were small the BIOS was P03 I quickly installed P07 which I burned to a Cd-R Disc a while back now, I was really rather impressed with the P03 BIOS because it would overclock beyond belief, and my temps were in the low 85F, it was however very unstable. I've had it for a day now, and I have to say it's rather nice having my core 2 duo back. Very nice indeed. :]!


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