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  1. Hey everyone. I am Nkrumah. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing any problems with Optimum Online. I am paying for upgraded internet speed which is called " Ultra 101. " Ultra 101 is supposed to be the top fastest speed being offered by Optimum without getting a Dedicated Line. My speeds are way below the normal speeds that I should be getting. I have reset the router, the modem, received a new modem and even brought a new router. The speed is still very low. Even when only one device is accessing the internet, the internet is still very laggy. Optimum told me to run Speedtest which showed that my speed was very high, so I know Speedtest is inadequate of providing true speeds. Optimum also told me that it is the poles outside which they so called can't get to because they are behind the houses. But when it is time to disconnect you from the pole for non-payment they are able to get back there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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