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  1. Edit:  I should probably qualify my response so as not to offend anyone. 

    I've read quite a few posts on the net that glorify white hat hackers that break into systems that are not their own just because they can and I don't agree with this.  They should be prosecuted and the definition of  "white hat hacker" should not include those that do this.  Maybe have another group, such as grey hat hacker, the ones that live on the edge, breaking into other peoples systems but don't do damage or use the information that they illegally obtain.

    there are other kinds of hacker types besides dark and white hats

    there are red and grey hats

    red = nuetral

    grey = sometimes good sometimes bad

  2. its not a science paper

    its an opinion based paper on what people think hackers are and their views on hackers

    i need to know what others think hackers are

    therefore defining a hacker for them is not a good idea

    but for those who arent to sure about the subject

    i mean computer hackers

    whether u include crackers in that or dont distinguish between the two is part of your view

  3. thats pretty much what im doing

    still need personal opinions of though

    including some stereotypical views

    which is y i came here

    i knew reso would at least give me the stereotype opinion i needed :)

    :haha: reso the media bitch!! :haha:

    just jking reso ;)

    now if somone can give me thoughts that are original that would be great!

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