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  1. Well, thanks for the info, but i have nobody to give it too, and i already opened it so who cares. I would've sold call of duty 2 with it and a Play and charge kit but whatever. Im getting another one for my preorder from ebgames in the first or second week of janurary so i'll just sell that one for 500 dollars or more profit.
  2. well look at this way, until someone told me a month ago what was spyware i never had it. Or virus, or worms. I never use any kind of firewalls, or virus protection. I know what they are because i disable them. I am personally using the free mcafee programs for comcast users. But i disable all of it anyway. Its just there to remind me to disable firewalls. Cuz i hate them. NO USE.
  3. who cares, i never used firewalls before on my ME edition and i don't use firewalls on my XP edition and i never got a virus/worm/spyware, or any thing related to fucking up your computer. I also download off of P2P programs a lot and still no problems. Its just how smart you are on not clicking ads and knowing what you are downloaded and browsing.
  4. I just bought a brand new xbox 360 and I was wondering with all these 360's going for $1000+ on Ebay what should I do with it. Play it now or wait until March to play it? Also what do you think of me selling it on Ebay when I probably went on the site twice in my life? would it be hard to figure everything out and sell it and ship it?
  5. Basically what im saying is that you are dumb and you shouldv'e got yours and at least sold it on ebay you moron. You should use your brain.
  6. By the time PS3 comes out xbox will have way over 200 games. PS3 will have the same amount of games as xbox 360 at launch, around 20 games. If you really think about it. PS2, Xbox, and the Gamecube all had less than 10 games at launch. I remember the Gamecube only have 2 games at launch but there were tons of people waiting in line.
  7. aren't they both from ea since nba live is ea and nbak 2k6 ea just bought them??? but i'll pick 2k6, better gameplay.
  8. Maybe, on crappy 10 year old phones like the one shown in the picture.
  9. well since most of us couldn't even buy a 360, why would any body buy 2 of the same sports game. Your best bet is to look at some reviews online at ign.com or gamespot.com and other places and make your own decicsion.
  10. WOW GUYS, my mom is still on analog with AT&T, for some reason she won't switch to t-mobile? but ill convince her soon.
  11. Your absolute RIGHT .s1. Im getting MORE minutes for LESS the price then all of you people are paying. I get UNLIIMITED t-zones (web/internet) on my phone and I live in a EDGE installed area so i am going broadband on my phone. SO sucks for all you people that you can't use T-mobile's wonderful services. Yeah, sure my bars go down, but its mostly the phone not the coverage, i still have the same quality at a 1 bar and a 7 bar. PLUS, T-Mobile has the best customer service in the world so why wouldn't you like them?
  12. wow that was old, when i went to europe the past year i saw that commercial. (how can you forget!!) but its old but pretty cool looking but won't ever happen.
  13. aahhhhhh you see. thats your problem in that area. It is ONLY because t-mobile does not operate on the 850 band there in the central/midwest america. That is why coverage is bad there. But if you knew about phones you can just manuallyl switch carrierers (roaming) on your phone to use cingular in your area when service is down or poor. In my area (south florida) i have great service, no outages, no problems with recieving or sending calls/txt messeges, and I have never dropped a call in the past 3 years that I had T-mobile. Plus all the best phones are on GSM network which only T-mobile and Cingular can operate, so what i do is buy them unlocked and use any phone i want on the T-mobile network.
  14. dude, the latency on the xbox is greater on the PC. that is just how it is. You should be getting under 100ms on your ping on xbox and of course 20/20. Don't worry about it. My connection had 90ms and 20/20 and i could host a perfect 16 in any game so just chill out nothing to waste more money on useless crap.
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