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    louie2089 reacted to Disobedience in My Desktp is giving me headache with connection   
    Hi All, i am new on the forum but honestly its a masterpiece from what i saw

    i have been searching on the forum checking if there is a solution for my problem but i couldnt find what i needed. i googled alot as well but no use. hopefully you will be able to help out guys. thanks in advance

    long story short

    i have ADSL Internet Speedtouch modem which is also connected to "TP-LINK wireless router" and Eithernet direct P2P connection to my desktop.

    the thing is my Laptop and any wireless able device can connect over the Wifi connection via WEP security code. but the desktop from each lwts say 10 restarts the connection works once on it.
    i have checked IP settings to be obtained Automatic, and i have accessed the router settings for net its all ok without problems
    my router's ip for settings is
    my antivirus is NOD Eset smart suite and its configured to allow send/receive data from network.
    i have changed my Eithernet cable 2 times but with same problem.

    any suggestions here i would appreciate it
    thanks alot
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