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  1. I live in an apartment complex and was not expecting good speeds out of MCHSI because of that.... I'm pretty suprised. 7.5MB with an advertised 8MB. I was usually getting around ~6MB but got a real boost for the past few days. Way to go Mediacom
  2. Was just about to post what the guy above me did. Go to your routers config page ( for my router, and then you can check the addresses that are on your router and also check who is on your router by MAC addresses and such. Just get your IP (double click the network icon in the system tray). Change the last decimal with .1 and that should (usually) do it for you.
  3. loadeddreams

    Xbox Live help

    I must agree that wireless is a much easier setup, then. I do believe having two modems on one cable line isn't possible. It may be less expensive for you to set the cable modem up where your xbox is and set the computers up wireless, though. A wireless gaming device is usually around $60-100, while you can get a wireless PCI card for around $45. That's just if you have an outlet downstairs.
  4. loadeddreams

    Xbox Live help

    I had a problem with a cable splitter while hooking up my router and tv. If you're using a 900MHz splitter, you'll probably need to get a 1GHz splitter. I'm not real sure what a network splitter is.. you mean like a switch (without DHCP)? if you're not using a router (with DHCP), you'll need to put assign a static IP to the xbox (which is done through the network settings page). So your best idea is get a 1GHz cable splitter. Your cable provider will usually give you one if you ask. Hook up your modem and tv. I would reccomend getting a router afterwards and then all you have left is running the cables.
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