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  1. Hi, I posted this before but with no answer. I use to connect to the internet via pppoe(I think is what it is called). It was pretty fast. Then I got some SBC yahoo dsl Cd and installed it. Now I am always connected to the internet but it has slowed down my download speed by 50%. So I would like to stop the internet connection so I can go back to connecting via pppoe. I deleted most of the software that came with the CD but I still cannot figure out how to stop the internet connection. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  2. Yeah I was using pppoe before. Problem is I do not know how to stop the DSL. When I try to connect pppoe it won't because the moden is already connected to the internet. I removed the SBC yahoo programs but the internet is still on. Any ideas
  3. the connection speed is advertised at .5MB-1.5MB.
  4. Following Vanburen's system 1.Running XP 2.SBC Yahoo DSL 3. No tweaking programs installed http://ttester.broadbandreports.com/tweak/block:24cd6e4?service=dsl&speed=&os=winXP&via=routerpppoe 4.Speed Test Results Your connection rating is:
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