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  1. As I'm reading thru posts here I see nothing that is not related to DSL or cable. If I;m in the wrong place I'm sure some one will let me know. I recently purchased a AudioVox VX6600WOC (WithOutCamera) from my friendly neighborhood Verizon store. I was fortunate that they had none in stock so I got mine from AVX warehouse direct without all the VZW "fixes" installed. I use it to connect via USB cable to my XP Home SP2 desktop. I have installed WMODEM on the 6600 and a CDMA dialer on the desktop. I use this as my connection because I have no landline in my home. (Just try getting a DSL installed without an exsisting landline.) The wife and I each have cellphones and when we had a dispute with the local telco about my then teenaged son's $500+ long distance bills I just never acquired landline service again. The cells were cheaper and the long distance was free. So I have used a series of cell phones as dialup modems to stay on the net. Now when VZW began offering their broadband service I said to myself "Self, this is what we ahve been looking for." I live on the ground floor of a 10-story cliff-dwelling surrounded by three others just like it in the fringe area of the VZW network. My connect speeds vary greatly depending on time of day, day of week, sunspot activity, wind direction and speed, and phase of the moon, ad nauseum. I also never know whether I'll get an EVDO connection or a 1XRT connection. I'm going to get an external antenna to at least stabalize signal strength. All of this being said, I would like some advice, if anyone has any, about regtweaker software like cablenut for this type of connection or will cablenut help me too? Thanks people! DearOldDad, 70's DP Dinosaur
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