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  1. yes but when u go to format it sees those bad parts.. just buy a new hd thas the problem
  2. lol i do that just to piss him off its funny
  3. lol come on u cant be serious google is god
  4. oh hahah guess i shoulda read first then. thnks man
  5. why is the udp always faster than the tcp?
  6. u shoulda really consulted google before you double posted he would have advised you not to!
  7. ahha good idea .. thnks for keep a light mind about all this unlike SOME PEOPLE once again thnks man
  8. like i said i dont care if i get banned
  9. but seriously though.. just drop it we dont need anymore replys to this thread
  10. dunno the mod who banned me the last time.. i had over 1k posts.. he was an ass and so full of him self i wont mention who he is but most of the mods on this site arent full of themselves but there are some though
  11. u tryed both lines? i seem to recall when ive seen this problem before it wasnt the number that was allowed for dsl it was the house
  12. nah ive been blocked on this forum before under a different user name which i wont say it doesnt block u from doing speedtests just posting and readin on the forum <snip> is his site edit: url
  13. oh and report me to the mods all u want i could really care less if i really want to read the posts on this damn site i can come back under proxies so do what u please
  14. oh shut up ur just mad because i left ur sh*tty torrent site
  15. you sent me a prv msg telling me to grow up? man u need to learn how to do work on ur own instead of being lazy and coming here for the straight answers and getting these other people to do the work for u
  16. I have a old ibm t23 1.2 ghz with 512 ram.. and vista installed fine and ran superb just like xp
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