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  1. You know what is strange, I got my upgrade over a month ago, and now I have the old speeds again. It is like they cancelled the upgrade.
  2. Oh, I didn't say anything was wrong with it. I like, and HOPE that MS will send me a copy of either it or IE7 to beta test.
  3. Yeah Vista looks EXACTLY like Mac OSX the only visible difference is that Vista has a Start Menu.
  4. I was having the same problem the other day only I was getting speeds of up to 137Mbps try this link, it is to a flat file download, and it should give you accurate readings. http://www.testmy.net/o-000
  5. I don't know?.... I have IE and FF and I've got scroll bars in both of them, lol. And as far as FF eating IE, so far it hasn't 100,000,000 downloads from now then ppl can say that FF is "eating" IE.
  6. I like FF if I am just browsing, but when I do anything important I use IE.
  7. I actually just got the LG C2000, and used to have an LG1200, I have never had a problem with my LG phones. They make a good durable phone, that can take ALOT of abuse As for Cingular I have never had any problems with them. And Roll Over Minutes are GREAT!!! They have saved my butt numerous times. You shouldn't have any problems with Cingular or the phone. If you need anything just send me a message I used to work for Cingular and this will be my second LG phone.
  8. This is on one of the slower computers at work, and I also work at a University.
  9. I actually like FF and IE and use them both, but FireFox will begin to have the same problems as IE. The only reason that IE gets as much spyware and viruses is because 810 Million ppl use it. As firefox grows it will begin to get hacked more as well. Especially since they will GIVE you the source code to it. Anyone could just go on the website get the source code and make a FireFox killing virus. Point is, what ever the majority of ppl use is what will be targeted the most.
  10. For what you will be doing I think that an Intel processor will do fine. Both companies make great processors, but as said before the AMD's tend to lean toward gaming oriented machines. As for Vista, I would wait till there is 64bit software to run on the machine, otherwise it won't do you any good.
  11. Call and Complain, thats is the only advice that I have for that.
  12. I am evaluating FF right now, I have always been a die hard IE fan, but I have noticed that both of them have their good and bad points. So far I haven't had any trouble with Spyware or Viruses from either one of them. So I say go for which ever one you like, neither of them have a real WOW factor that sets them apart anyways. I mean tabbed browsing for FF, and ActiveX for IE, big frigging deal. They both do the same thing, they find and display webpages.
  13. I would think that it would be safe as long as it didn't go near any really strong magnets, but who knows.
  14. That is the lowest speed I have ever seen, I am suprised that you were even able to make that post. I think I would call and complain.
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