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  1. Found this site while trying to get new tools to help report my DSL condition. LOOKS GREAT, THANKS TO THE DEVELOPER !! I'm paying for 12MB DSL (Telco 2 line bonded residential), but usually getting 2 or 3Mb. Worked for days with frontier "techs" and never got anywhere at all. Finally opened an FCC complaint about the speed and filed it under "marketing fraud" since this is a "bait and switch" scam to oversell their capabilities. It is surprisingly easy to file on-line with the FCC (www.fcc.gov) and your ISP will take this VERY seriously. Getting daily calls from supervisor level mgr. now to check on my measurements. And, thank God, my speed has "magically" improved into the 9Mb range (6 am to 6PM), but still get throttled to around 1Mb after 6PM. Time will tell if it can be better, but I am VERY HAPPY to have found this site and the tools offered here. FIGHT ON BROTHERS & SISTERS !! Mike
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