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  1. When you click to see you 30-day graph, it shows download speed at the top and upload speed below it. However, upload is labeled as "download" too - so you have a graph of "download" followed by a graph of "download"
  2. Agreed that it would be even neater to be able to see your signal strength and power level stats, etc... I like as much information as possible. In an ideal world all the info would be at every user's fingertips 24/7 including maintenance and gateway/noc status information, etc. On the other hand, how often do you really need to do this? If there is a problem, unless you're a certified installer you're not allowed to peak your own dish and you wouldn't have replacement parts without calling anyway even if you did suspect a part failure based on this information, and if you are a certifi
  3. WebUser - have you used both starband and wildblue? For years starband said that ftp and secure sites wouldn't work well over satellite because of the latency. Yet somehow the day I switched from starband to wildblue, no more problems. With starband I would drop to dialup to ftp or whenever I had to load more than a few pages of a secure site. Over starband ftp would fail when trying to upload multiple directories 1/3 of the time requiring retry after retry. With wildblue, ftp directory listings are twice as fast as dialup (slower to swtich but much much faster to get the listing),
  4. Yes, I changed my dish from a starband dish to a wildblue dish in September, and it made quite an improvement I was with Starband for 4 1/2 years paying $700 up front, installer cost, and $69.99 per month. I switched to wildblue for $300, free install through the NRTC, and $79.99 per month for 3x - 4x the download speed and 5x - 6x the upload speed. Plus ftp works great. Secure sites are now not a problem at all as they always were over starband. Couldn't be happier. Starband was definitely an improvement over dialup, but wildblue has been as much an improvement over starband. :::
  5. As far as I know there is no user interface to the wildblue modem - some ku-band users of the same modem report that they can telnet into their modem if they know the username/password, but as far as I know this ability is disabled in the modems supplied for the wildblue service. Installers and wildblue tech support can look up information on power levels, signal quality, etc. from their end however.
  6. I didn't realize there was a WildBlue satellite forum here at first, until I noticed it is a subforum of AT&T. Why exactly is this a subforum of AT&T???
  7. As far as flaming anyone for complaining about "their precious wild blue" -- I'm sure I would be mighty angry too if my system were underperforming for so long.
  8. Sorry to hear you're having a bad time. I just also switched from an 12.x.x.x to the 67.54.x.x IP address with no reduction of speed up or down (see my testmy.net results here if in doubt). I wish I had some helpful advice for you.
  9. Satellite is listed only as "direcpc" @ 400 kbps which is a bit dated now that it's at 1.5 Mbps down + and 250 up (wildblue) and possibly higher on some direcway business systems.
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