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  1. Thanks for your reply. Been round and round the block with Verizon. They insist that nothing can be done. They blame it on loop length of 12000 feet. No FIOS in my area and no digital cable, either. Is there any way I can figure out what the problem is? I run Norton, Ad-aware and SpyBot regularly and don't come up with any too damaging looking stuff. I get of rid of it each time. One time, a Verizon tech told me that my westell 327w appeared to be "working very hard". Don't know what the implications of that are or what might be done about it. Its handling Verizon VoiceWing's VOIP box by ethernet and my PC and a print server both wirelessly. Doesn't seem like that should be too much. Are there any 327w settings that cpuld drag down bandwidth, like maybe wireless security (I think I set something like "WEP" encryption on it.) Are there WIN ME tweaks that might help?
  2. I have Verizon's 1.5M/384k DSL service.
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