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  1. I also tried turning off the XP PC, rebooting my Router and turning off my Phone because I don't know how much bandwidth they are constantly using and affecting the TetMy.net results. Here are the pictures: 11 W10 Chrome IPTV Running Screenshot 2021-09-16 214125: 12 W10 Chrome IPTV Running Screenshot 2021-09-16 214339: 13 W10 Chrome IPTV Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 214512: 14 W10 Firefox IPTV Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 214807: 15 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off, W10 Laptop Off Router Rebooted Screenshot 2021-09-16 215259: 16 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215534: 17 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Phone Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215804: 18 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Phone Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215959: I also turned of my Windows 10 Laptop as I wasn't sure if it was affecting the results. The IPTV is now working OK. Their own speed test is reporting 15 to 30 Mbps, so they probably sorted out the problem at their end.
  2. Hi CA3LE, Sorry for not replying sooner - I missed the last line of your post! I guess I got too involved in sorting out my IPTV/Android box that was playing up. I had another problem tonight which is why I came back here and re-read your post. For about over an hour my IPTV (server is in "Asia" - don't know where, but probably Singapore) so I've been doing a lot of single-threaded tests to your Singapore server on both my Windows 10 PC and my XP (sorry!) PC. I used both Chrome and Firefox for the tests. I'll post them here in order of testing (the filenames have a timestamp) as the problem was probably changing over time. I hope you can make head or tails of what was going on! (And I hope your forum s/w can handle all the pictures!) 1 Windows 10 PC, Chrome: 2 W10, Chrome: 3 W10, Firefox: 4 W10, Firefox: 5 W10, Chrome: 6 XP, Chrome: 7 XP, Chrome: 8 XP, Firefox: 9 XP, Firefox: 10 W10, Chrome:
  3. I can't even upload the screenshot of the problem. So I reduced the size of the image and it worked. So what's going on?
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