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  1. Thats disappointing, I hate reporting an issue that doesn't exist :) As far as I know I accept cookies (delete on exit) I'll double check. I noticed that it had stopped though, this would be because you disabled t :) I'll get back to you
  2. Good morning folks, I would like to say that the above problem is still happeneing to me. I get the privacy notice after I log in, After I request a test and after every test completes :( I have posted a thread on this myself some time ago, actually just before the new site became mainstream fro Beta, and it was fixed following that but has just started this annoying behaviour again over the last week or so. Firefox Quantum 69.0.2 (64-bit)Browser in Linux here. Doesn't seem to happen in Chrome and it's derivatives, i.e. Opera and I can't even log in with Palemoon (Firefox offs
  3. Hi FOlks, I carry out regular speed tests to keep a careful note of how my connection performs under normal circumstances so that I have ammunition when it all goes pear shaped and I am being told that "This is all your line will support" Useful? yes it has been in the past and will be again. However, I suddenly thought today that I ave no ide where all this downloaded data is being stored or...even if it IS real data that is being transferred so...basically that's my question, Where does all this speedtest test data end up and...should i be cleaning it out at some point?
  4. Why would you post Ookla speed test results in this forum? How strange.. By the way, the U.K. is not all "Great" as you so flippantly state. All you know is that your particular connection and area are well catered for. We are still on a 20C ADSL MAx connection up here in Northern Scotland, which is still in the U.K. As a result, people who live here get a bit fed up of all this generalisation. Before you get all defensive and insulting however, consider the position reversed? You maximum throughput has just fallen to 6Mbps downstream and 365Kbps upstream (My maximum on a g
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