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  1. We recently switched to a new wireless ISP after experiencing terrible service for more than 5 months from our previous provider. Our home LAN is a mixture of both wired & wireless and comprises 1 wired PC, 2 wireless PC's, 2 iPods, 1 Palm TX and a wired xBox 360. All pc's are currently running either XP or Vista and all are equipped with either B or G adapters. For the past 4 years we've been using a Linksys WRT54G v5/6 with great success. I've recently updated the firmware to the latest version and tested our network both internally and via online speed tests. (Our current service level as stated by the provided is 1.5M/256 kbps and generally we either get that or exceed it!)

    Problem is that if someone in the house is using our network it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a steady xBox connection (3 or 4 full bars) if someone else is also attempting to play xBox Live. So we spoke to our local computer store and they suggested that we try using a Linksys WRT400N Simultaneous Band Router but to run it on MIXED which we did. Now we are apparently causing "bad IP's" with our service provider and as a result lose our connection if we attempt to run the network using the WRT400N.....if we switch back to the WRT54G....all seems fine again.... EXCEPT that you can't play xBox Live and use the network at the same time!!! I then contacted Linksys Customer Support about this matter and they told us to stick with the WRT54G (not much help!)and that the WRT400N wouldn't work with our "mixed" network because we currently have no "N" equipment connected to it??? even though we were running in MIXED mode??? (FYI...we plan to add a couple of laptops in the near future which will likely be Win7 with N adapters)

    QUESTION: If we increase our bandwidth with our provider to 5M/512kbps and continue to use the WRT54G router, will that help our situation with the xBox Live "sharing" or is there some other option that we should look into as it doesn't look like we can use the WRT400N with our network?? Any other options that anyone can suggest to us would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!

  2. Thanks but my home network and the pc's previously connected to the Linksys worked fine. I've tried subbing in a D-Link (604) with the same ppoe settings with exactly the same results. It seems to be something to do with the new ppoe settings but I don't know what or how to resolve?? Again, the only thing my ISP suggested was changing the MTU settings - BUT I don't know what setting to use/try and I don't know how to do that either??? :cry:

  3. :?:

    We have a wireless broadband connection through a local wireless ISP to serve a rural area.

    They recently switched us over to using a ppoe setting with our Linksys router and ever since then there are certain sites that we can't access anymore unless we switch over to dial up???  :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Any idea what is going on and how to get around this trouble??? It is a real pain.

    Note: the dial up account is for another ISP!

    I've spoken with the wireless ISP about the problem since switching over to the ppoe settings but they don't seem to be able to help. The only thing they suggested was that the MTU settings needed to change but they couldn't offer any assistance!!!

    Hopefully someone here can point us in the right direction as to how to adjust whatever it is that's needed to be able to access all our sites using the wireless hi-speed (256k) connection.


  4. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

    © Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:Documents and SettingsKaren Beaudoin>tracert testmy.net

    Tracing route to testmy.net [67.18.179.xx]

    over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1    1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  55.b3.1243.static.theplanet.com []

      2  292 ms    32 ms    4 ms

      3  100 ms    93 ms    73 ms  router.t1.nexvision.primus.ca []

      4  335 ms  576 ms  236 ms  dsl6.tor.primus.ca []

      5  584 ms  687 ms  749 ms []

      6  257 ms  331 ms  362 ms  ge-1-0.bb2.tor.primus.ca []

      7  234 ms  231 ms  246 ms  atm0-1-1022.bb1.vancouver.primus.ca [216.254.131


      8  224 ms  278 ms  344 ms  twtelecom.com []

      9  280 ms  372 ms  350 ms  dist-02-so-3-1-0-0.sttl.twtelecom.net [66.192.24


    10  512 ms  376 ms  289 ms  core-02-so-3-0-0-0.dlfw.twtelecom.net [66.192.24


    11  348 ms  246 ms  332 ms  hagg-02-ge-1-2-0-503.dlfw.twtelecom.net [66.192.


    12  348 ms  293 ms  340 ms

    13  386 ms  343 ms  352 ms  vl31.dsr01.dllstx3.theplanet.com []

    14  387 ms  451 ms  401 ms  vl41.dsr01.dllstx4.theplanet.com []

    15  222 ms  271 ms  382 ms  gi1-0-1.car17.dllstx4.theplanet.com [


    16  488 ms  489 ms  359 ms  55.b3.1243.static.theplanet.com [67.18.179.xx]

    Trace complete.

    C:Documents and SettingsKaren Beaudoin>

  5. I've been running on a wireless home network for nearly a year. We live in a rural area so the only way to obtain broadband is either by satelite (K-band or Xplorenet) or a local wireless ISP which is who we've been using.

    Problem is that just recently we are losing signal off and on throughout the day....usually at night around 4:30 -6:00pm but it also happens at other times during the day and evening which is very frustrating. I've tried re-setting the router (Linksys) as well as the radio receiver which is connected to the tower on our roof but it generally makes no difference. I've had the ISP come and check our set up and of course the problem is never happening when they are here but our radio signal strength when tested is an avg of 92% with some dips to as low as 86% but of course that's not when the problem happens.

    This is getting really frustrating and would like to know how to resolve. We have a couple of other competitive ISP (wireless) in the fringe areas - is there any possibility that they are jamming my signal at times?

    Thanks for whatever suggestions or recommendations you have....


  6. My main pc (connected directly to the router) was averaging around 6Mbps (true speed recorded as 6393Kbps) and my other pc's (not including the wireless laptop) which were connected to through the hub, were getting much the same. Now we're getting around 495  Kbps - which is a far cry from the previous results!!!

    My ISP has just replaced my router (so I'm now using a Linksys WRT54G) - all pc's on the network are connected fine but my connection speed has dropped significantly. My ISP indicated that the wireless network that he operates is nearly maxed out and that another line will be installed within the next few weeks. I'm still at a loss as to what caused the outage problems after the router and wonder if the network traffic issues will improve my ratings back to what I previously experienced.

  7. My ISP is a wireless b provider using a Linksys BEFW11S4-v4 router with signal booster to connect to my home LAN. All pc's etc are connected behind the router: 1 pc connects directly into the router while the others are fed through a wired hub which connects various sites throughout the house.

    For some strange reason I lost all connections (both wired and wireless) for a period of about 48 hours - EXCEPT for the pc that was connected directly into the back of the router. Only those connected through the hub or wirelessly failed to connect. I checked cables, connections reset the routers and rebooted the machines etc throughout the house. Linksys was unable to offer any corrective suggestions so in frustration I unplugged everything overnight and plugged it back in this morning. Surprisingly....everything works again BUT my DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD test results using testmy.net differ significantly now for the pc's connected either wirelessly or through the hub.

    Connection speed resuts for those pc's behind the hub now range from about 0.4-0.7 Mbps while the pc with a direct connection to the router are running generally about 2.5-3.4 Mbps! Can anyone suggest what might be going on here?? Is there a chance that my router is faulty?? or is it likely something else??

    Thanks.... :cry: :cry: :cry:

  8. I run a Linksys router with wireless signal booster to supply my home network which connects 3 pcs and a wireless laptop. All was well until yesterday when suddenly I've lost all but my main connection. (The wireless ISP signal comes into the house through a router and splits with one line going directly to our main pc and another line running back into a hub to connect the rest of the house). I've checked all my connections and rebooted both the wireless adapter, router and pc's but I can't connect to anything else on my home network?? Any suggestions?

    Could it be the router??? :cry: :cry: :cry:

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