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  1. Hey FGOKURULES, You're absolutely right! I've been after Cableone for a VERY long time. They have blamed the speed on "Internet Latency". I was speechless. Why? You can't argue nor debate with these people (Cableone). They have ALLLLLL the answers....don't they? HECK NO! Do I have the answers? Nope. I do know this however, I'm not getting what I'm paying for.(3000 Kbps) LOL!!! I want everyone in this thread to know, yes, you too FGOKURULES, that all of your thougths are greatly appreciated; each-and-every-one-of you, and NOT with the proverbial "grain of salt". Remember, I still need help getting this connection problem solved. Cableone is going to be here toady. If ANYONE needs help in computer troubleshooting, give me a holler. Routers & Modems on the otherhand, are not my cup of tea. Anthing else, no problem. Prizmwolf
  2. If all else fails, try downloading one of the many "Atomic Clocks"...
  3. Hey TROGERS, Well, living in the panhandle of Idaho, provides us with plenty of "rain" & squirrels galore!. Just for the heck of it, I'm going to have Cableone come out tomorrow and check E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G... from the electrical pole in the street to the modem. I did a network test and everything from the cat5 to the coaxal, checked fine. I also did a speed test with and without the router. With the router: 734 Kbps With-out: 544 Kbps. How pathetic is that, while paying for 3000 Kbps speed! Thanks for passing along that story; a little food for thought, indeed. Prizmwolf
  4. Hey FGOKURULES, The signal is good and the the numbers in the modem are right on the money as well. My wife and I don't share files nor printing. I have file and printer sharing un-checked, as in off. My wife does her peer to peer stuff with Limewire including her use of a Torrent. Summation: I keep the wife and the potential dangers she plays with, away from my ports; no sharing of any kind. Prizmwolf
  5. Hey FGOKURULES, I have a straight connection, from the cable box outside my house. We have 3 different lines with nothing in-between. After we bought this house, I had it done. In other words, we have 3 lines leaving the small cable box on the side of the house, leading to each device. Many thanks for the input prizmwolf
  6. Hey SWIMMER, While I was responding to FALLOW's thoughts, I received your email, and I had seen you online. Sorry I missed you and thanks for the "Welcome Mat". Moving right along, I'm going to take your advice and try setting the speed at 10Mbps under the WAN setting in the router. In re: to your question, "When it drops if you leave it alone does the connection come back after a period of time?" SWIMMER, I haven't tried it, but I will; why not, right? Thank you so much for your input. For all those who are offering their advice, I want you to know, I don't take this advice lightly. Again, thank you, and keep this thread going until the problem is solved. Prizmwolf
  7. Thanks for the fast response Fallow. I've already tried by-passing the router for 3 days and I was still dropping connection however, rare. I tried this a month ago. Now I've been with Cableone.net for 8 years now, and this problem didn't flare up until 6 months ago. I've checked all my connections, I'm using brand new CAT 6 (no difference between CAT 5) as well. I have a AN8 Asus deluxe with on-board Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010, and the driver is up to date. I did some research on my RP614v3 Netgear router, and it was conclusive. The RP614 is VERY unstable and unreliable however, I've had the RP614v1 for years and not ONCE did I have a problem. So, as I stated previously, when the problem started, I replaced it with the RP614v3 and the problem continued. I had the flap list checked in the modem and all is well. I lowered the MTU to 1450 then to 1400 in the router and I still suffered the connection lose. I've never gone "wireless". Perhaps I will, when "wireless" becomes more secure and when it becomes as equally fast as "wired". I am WIDE OPEN to any other suggestions you good people may have. Don't be afraid to throw any technical suggestions at me. I'm very computer literate however, limited to building computers, programming,information retrieval,cybernetics and troubleshooting. I need help nonetheless, with the issue at hand. .........Thank you!
  8. My wife and I drop outr connections at the same time. I would say, at least twice a day. The both of us have high end computers, RP614 Router (firmware ver.3), Motorola Surfboard 5100, and the components are new. The Router and Modem has been replaced twice, all the network cables are new as well. Our ISP is Cableone.net To get our connection back, all I have to do is unplug the Router then plug it back in. The Cableone techs, such as they are, have no plausible answer. I paid for a 3000 Kpbs speed and I average between 1500 & 2100....2100 if I'm lucky. In summation: I lose my connection & speed is slow. I'm very computer literate, so yes, the running programs are what's necessary. My start up is optimal. So, does anyone have an answer. This time, I'm stumped! I'm at your mercy Thanks, prizmwolf
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