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  1. Yea, I remember when the connection when out and I couldnt use my phone or internet. Btw, sent u another PM.
  2. Hey DJVaggo, I see we both have the same ISP's, Earthlink's 5000/384. Do you know by any chance when TWC will be finished here in Queens and when they'll be finished with the speed upgrades? And also when FIOS will arrive here in Queens? Thnx.
  3. Will I get it? I'm in Queens, NYC, NY. I have Earthlink from Time Warner, so it's basically RR, I got the 5/384 package.
  4. i dont know why anyone voted SDSL...the topic said if u could have..., it doesnt say whether u have to pay or not, i think the best choice would easily be buisness cable, best download speeds and a ok upload speed, even if u do get reliability with a T1, look at its crappy download speeds and its cost, but we're not talking about cost.
  5. what the hell is windows vista? link anyone or anyone wanna explain to me?
  6. i called them up and one of the person who knew a real lot of stuff about FIOS told me after they transferred me to him, not one of the flunkies they have sitting to answer the phone...
  7. itll be available for me by the end of the year too.
  8. vonage gives u the same features and everything...theres not really any difference, i wanted to get lingo($20) but i found about it too late... btw, what phone adapter did voicewing give u? vonage gave me a piece of crap linksys rtp300 with a WIRED router...its router sucks anyway, im not gonna use it, ill just buy the best linksys with 2 phone ports in it later.
  9. DSL isnt fast enough for me...i have earthlink cable right now...
  10. nope i was wrong im not...they said its coming here in bellerose by the end of the year and theyve already started working on it...im gonna get it as soon as it does...
  11. ^yea, i was wrong, my bad...anyway, its not available for me neither is optimum...but i called verizon and they said its coming to bellerose by the end of they year and they've already started to work on it...yes, $55 for 30/5...im gonna get it at the end of the year or whenever it comes out here...i dont care, im gonna ditch earthlink and time warner, but im gonna keep Vonage to use with FIOS, the internet of today and the future, i love u, Verizon, best deals in DSL and FIOS, beats cable...
  12. yea, i just called them a minute before i read ur post...30/5 is $54.95...thats a good price, and they'll waive the installation fee for a one year commitment..so nice, too bad i cant get it..yet...they said it'll come to me in Bellerose by the end of the year and that they've already started to work on it here, its still good, i can wait about 3 months...after all, the price and speeds are that nice...
  13. they say its 45 to 50 at their site but how much is it reall? and installation? and any equipment fees and stuff like that. thnx.
  14. yes, aol does suck, worst providers ever...im happy i got rid of it and switched to earthlink cable...so nice.
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