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  1. it teaches nothing - it is a total waste of time - just a way for schools to make money In fact it is worse then a total waste of time becuase the time could have been spent learning something that is really used in the real world.
  2. he probally does not know - but if you find he does - randomly deleting his registery enteries is my favorite
  3. buy the parts on ebay and download the repair manual from dell and do it yourself - just take your time - the manuals are step by step and if you can open a can of beans you should be ok
  4. Just give it a try if you like - actually I have tried opera , was a big ff fan - and now for the past few months have been using maxthon (which blocks ads quite well) - for proxo just set up your proxy as localhost 8080 - proxomitiron loads instantly - can be disabled easily (right click bypass ) and is very easy to use - unitl I started using maxthon (which does not need proxomitiron) I used it to block ads and popups - forget all the june vs may differances - it has always work great for me
  5. proxomitron is stone smooth - been using it forever http://www.proxomitron.info/files/index.html
  6. If you have a dell - this is a great program that forces the fan to run - My latitude would be in the trash if not for this program - runs cool now http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/index.html
  7. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/03/23/firefox_bug_engagement_split_rumpus/
  8. LOL - if I would have told my parents my run was hot - after I picked myself up off the floor they would have told me to get a job - in which case it would not matter if it was hot because I would not be there and when I was the heat would not bother me because I would be too tired from working to care about any heat.
  9. Been using maxthon lately - I have not found a browser that works for everything - I was a big ff fan, but now use opera 9 beta and maxthon.
  10. Not too bright of an idea for any laptop to be placed on whatever that tablecloth is made of - material or plastic?? Cookie sheets are good for me cookie sheet frozen ice packs another cookie sheet laptop on top of second cookie sheet runs real cool
  11. read my post prior to yours - then have a nice evening regards, Tony
  12. shug - we could argue all night - it does not end with this - up the road cops actually planted drugs on a drug dealer (no joke) so the drug dealer pleads guilty cause after all he is a drug dealer - he is in jail and the fbi finds out the cops plant drugs so guess what - he gets out and 3 cops are doing two years each for planting drugs on a drug dealer. It just does not end. Hope it dont happen to you is all - they are nothing but thugs with badges. I got a friend who got a cop on tape stealing from his business at night and yes I can give you links. I grew up in a middle class white area that respected cops and have come to learn they are just no good - the thing is a cop will defend another cop no matter what he does and that is the flaw
  13. relly 80 dollars worth - wow - that certainly is worth 13 wacko cowards turning machine guns on you
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