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  1. To Wild Blue's credit, it appears that they have fixed the problem, at least for me. I can now access my web site and all appears normal. Let's hope it is not confined to just me and it continues to work!!
  2. Storm311 - It appears, at least for now, that someone at Wild Blue has fixed the problem. I have been able to access my site since about 12 noon EST. Let's hope it really is a fix and not just an anomaly!
  3. Sparticus - Thanks for the kind words. I am truly pleased you liked the instrument!
  4. Well, yesterday I spent a good two hours on the phone with a high level Wild Blue technician. The upshot of it all is that it was a complete waste of time. She confirmed that the requests time out at the AT&T portal, which is part of the Wild Blue experience. She basically told me that they will not fix it after trying to convince me that there was a problem with something on my end. Even in spite of the fact that all this started after WB updated the modems at the end of November. So, since I am a lawyer, I just sent a letter to Wild Blue giving them 30 days to fix the problem or I may pu
  5. Unforrtunately, it did not work. Thanks for the suggestion but it is really something that Wild Blue has changed!
  6. mudman4 - Thanks so much for the kind words. I just wish I could get to my site so I could continue to update it in a timely way!
  7. GhostMaster : Your site is not reachable by my Wild Blue connection as you suspected. I also have gone to the other forum and posted my message regarding the problem. Wild Blue's tech (the last one) admitted it is their problem but said they would not fix it unless they had more than just my official complaint. He said more subscribers' need to call tech support and have a ticket written on the problem. Then they will fix it! We will see but I am not holding my breath!
  8. Here is a traceroute sent to GoDaddy and Wild Blue: [iMac-24:~] sylvan% traceroute wellsguitars.com traceroute to wellsguitars.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( 1.026 ms 0.732 ms 0.673 ms 2 ( 1144.720 ms 2418.200 ms 1130.612 ms 3 ( 1083.087 ms 1123.097 ms 1113.021 ms 4 ( 1147.814 ms 1102.776 ms 1100.424 ms 5 ( 1137.923 ms 1099.623 ms 1092.340 ms 6 ( 1109.222 ms 1118.898 ms 1115.464 ms 7 ( 3
  9. I have had WildBlue as my ISP for over a year and a half now. I have had nothing but praise for the service. That is, until December 5, 2006 when suddenly I could no longer access, from my Wild Blue connection, one of my web sites, wellsguitars.com. As it turns out, I can no longer access ANY web site which is hosted by Go Daddy. First I complained to Wild Blue and they said it is GoDaddy's problem. Then I complained to GoDaddy and, after extensive testing, tell me that it is Wild Blue's problem. I then called Wild Blue yesterday and not only talked to a representative but sent him e-mails wit
  10. WildBlue sells their product (at least here in Virginia) through local dealers. These local dealers provide a website and may or may not allow you to set up additional e-mail, etc. At least for my dealer I have to call their office and request additional e-mail accounts which the Wild Blue site indicates that I should have. I hope that answers your question. I have had the service for about 6 weeks now and cannot say enough good things about Wild Blue as opposed to Skycasters (DirecWay), my old provider. Much more reliable and much faster for a whole lot less money!
  11. This past Friday I got my Wild Blue installation. For everyone's info I have been on DirectWay through Skycasters for the past two years. The two years of service I would have rated at about a 4 on a 1-10 scale (10 being terrific). Never happy with it but here in rural Virginia the only "broadband" available to me. When I saw Wild Blue come online I immediately e-mailed Wild Blue with a request to switch to their service. Several months later I receive a letter from North River Coop telling me they were ready to install. Six weeks later it happens. The physical install went off without a hitch
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