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  1. No offense here guys, but so far what I've been told are things that anyone with a direcway system should know. I'm glad I got Microwave and yooperlady together, at least I accomplished *something* by posting my problems. Unfortunately, I'm no better off than when I was cursing my dway modem and slamming my mouse on the desktop. I'm by no means trying to knock anyone for being friendly, but I'm looking for help beyond the basics here, and all I'm seeing is an expert praising a newbie for giving me info I already had, and it's frustrating. I'm willing to be patient and wait, but pleas
  2. Thanks guys. I'm not using a router, and I've done all the basic things and the stuff in the "loss of speed" thread. I'm at a loss here.
  3. I'm new here but not new to computers or direcway in general. Anyway, my #1 complaint with my Direcway system is that images, particularly thumbnails, refuse to load. Sometimes I have to refresh a page several times to get them to load, other times some will load but others won't. I know the images "exist" because I can right-click on them and select "show picture" and they will appear. As I'm typing this, several of the emoticon images above are nothing but the big "X". This problem happens on any website I visit, not just one or two sites. I have come here hoping someone has had this p
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