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  1. I updated the router to version J of the firmware and found a site of the guy having the same issue with the bandwidth manager. changed that around to 1024kb, might mess around with it more. PenTel is a Cable Provider, I have their cable internet that was a pain for some time till i had to get another line directly to the back of the cable modem ran because the old lines signal strength was a joke and kept dropping every few days. From the D-link to this was a night and day differance with all the differant options of this Asus Router. it was incredible, but also a little annoying since I've been out of doing any type of computer stuff for about 3 years now.
  2. I actually forgot about this website cause I wasn't having any issues anymore with computer issues or net issues since I got a new computer and retired the old one. It was just starting to get too old and then to find out I can buy a computer for cheaper then rebuilding one We had a problem at the block when we had a lighting bolt basically touch down close and in turned killed my D-Link 604 Router and my Motorola Surfboard Modem. So, i picked up a asus RT56U and I'm enjoying it...........except for the slow speeds now. I'm getting less then 1mb download instead of the 5mb i was getting before. It's crazy, what can i do before shipping this thing back?
  3. Yes, a D-link DI-524. I did a spyware scan and nothing came up.
  4. Yes, I have a Static IP. The Network Control Rule 14 is Block+Log. I didn't touch that option since installing the Firewall. I will scan tomorrow after i get home
  5. For the Past few days, someone has been trying to get into my computer. Comodo has been logging it, i'm at a loss here cause i'm not running U-Torrent and still getting these. This is the lastest list from tonight: Date/Time :2007-02-03 22:07:16 Severity :Medium Reporter :Network Monitor Description:Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = HOST UNREACHABLE) Protocol:ICMP Incoming Source: Destination: Message: HOST UNREACHABLE Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 14 Date/Time :2007-02-03 22:06:51 Severity :Medium Reporter :Network Monitor Description:Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE) Protocol:ICMP Incoming Source: Destination: Message: PORT UNREACHABLE Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 14
  6. It took me two days to figure out the wiring on my case . It was a gift for me by a friend, but it came with no instruction. Finally got it running right only to have the molex connector that controls the front LED's short out and cause a problem, as usually the no problem connector breaks. The keyed end broke when clicking it in. For me to get the Front lights to work, i have to take them out and install differant ones.
  7. Not a fan of cellphones, I'm a fan of them to call for help but not everyday useage. My sister is on her 4th Verizon Phone and it looks like it's going the same way the 3rd one did with the screen acting up. I have just a tracephone for emergencies, i've had to use it once or twice to call my folks up when i was in a store trying to rember what they wanted.
  8. Doomsday


    Only works on a few of them. I found a site on Opera's FAQ
  9. Doomsday


    I mean to actually see your passwords,the astrisk i mean.
  10. Doomsday


    Anyone have an idea on how to view Opera Passwords? Somehow, Opera is only showing the Username and no password in some of the sites i vist.
  11. Another Weird Issue: U-Torrent+ D/L Openoffice=Dead Connection. the infamous "Event ID 4226 ". Time to re-download that fix.
  12. I know the bill is paided,but walking around today i might have found out what the hell is going on... They are serving the entire neighborhood.
  13. Not yet. They are the last resort, i still have some more things to try out: TraceRoute XP TCP/IP Repair
  14. Just did that a few hours ago. I might try another router i have around in the house, if only i could find it.
  15. Didn't work. i'm out of idea's at this point.
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