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  1. I don't have that on my list of sounds to choose from, but usually that is for sounds for people joining and leaving a room in like msn chat rooms and such.
  2. No I didn't bother, I know when I click "X" the program is going to close and don't need a sound to tell me so,
  3. You have to pick them individualy I'm afraid.
  4. Not a problem,just trying to help out.... besides Windows Blinds takes up alot more resourses then Style XP. I'm running sylte xp on a p2 333mhz with 128megs of ram, and yes I know people say that this system doesn't have enough memory and is to slow. Which is true, it takes 5 minutes for my system to boot up, but when I had Win98se, I would always run out of memory and get the blue screen of death.... it might take longer for me to load win xp but I also don't run out of memory and don't have to reboot every few hours.... I usually run up to a week with no problems until I start to see my system starting to lag. So Windows XP takes longr to load but has a way better memory management then Win98se.
  5. Yeah php, I like them also, there done by Robert Fripp Nordic
  6. Okay then I was a little confused this is what you wrote in your first post... nowhere is it mentioned for style xp? And searching windows blinds sites. But I did post one for style xp also. With the new circle start button... just didn't post the link where to get it at, cause I wasn't sure it was what you were looking for.
  7. You're welcome Asu , as for wyantm06 .... it would be nice to at least get a thanks after searching & posting I have done to try and get you what you want. And I don't think you will found a better theme out there for windowsblinds. And there is no reason to be so picky about icons.
  8. Go to your control panel and choose Sounds and audio devices and click on the sounds tab, then pick the sounds you want to change to the folder where you unzipped the vista sounds... Ex:Windows XP asterisk, just click on browse and go to the vista sound folder and pick Asterisk
  9. Here is the link for the download for the Vista sound http://aeiiv.net/benji/vista.zip
  10. BTW I also have the Vista Windows sounds,like the start up and shut down,etc.
  11. It doesn't mention it, but if you clicked on the picture of the screenshot,you'll see the icons are different then your normal XP icons. But if it doesn't have the icons, I'm sure I can find a place where they have just the icons to download.
  12. Ok wyantm06,this should be what you are looking for, it's made to be used with windows blinds,which is what you are searching for. http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.198.htm
  13. use the adjuster program of cablenut and it's either the "delete Cablenut Tweaks" or "Clear all boxes" and then save to registry which should restore you to default Windows settings.
  14. You all forgot to write an email to the biggest one of all.... so I wrote to Oprah Winfrey... She has got to be the biggest name around. http://www2.oprah.com/email/reach/email_reach_fromu.jhtml Personal email to Oprah here.
  15. Yes I have found alot of places with trojans, but this site here is great with no spyware or trojans. http://themes.belchfire.net/ , have a good night then.
  16. I would say that is pretty good for a test overseas, have you tried a test site in the UK? I know my connections is slower if I do a test to the UK
  17. Have you tried stylebuilder for style xp? you can get the trial here. http://www.tgtsoft.com/download.php?show=StyleBuilder
  18. Glad you like it, one of my favs amongst others... also have the LOTR theme which I enjoy as well.
  19. Hey Ray, is that objectdock you're using? or something simular? Here is another theme I like alot
  20. I use Style XP instead of WinBlinds, would this be the theme you wanted?
  21. I use Outpost Firewall Pro, haven't had any problems with it yet and pretty easy to configure.
  22. Mine is pretty simple and have used it for 8 yrs. I love wolves and I live in Canada,which is always cold during the winter,like arctic weather.... so there you have it ArcticWolf
  23. Here is a program that might interest you, you can also have 3d animated icons. http://www.icongenesis.com/
  24. asubaseball727 , there are programs on the market like that already.. I'll have to check out the programs, but an example is ObjectDock
  25. I some of us out there have loads of icons to programs clutering up your desktop where you can't even see your wallpaper. Well here is something that will help you out... I know this works in Win XP... not sure about other OS'es. Go to your taskbar and right click on it....scroll to toolbars... and choose desktop. You will see Desktop written in your toolbar now. Then right click on your desktop (arrange icons by) and uncheck "Show desktop icons" and voila, nice and clean destop. I know some people might already know this trick, but I posted this for those who don't know. Take care:ArcticWolf
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