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  1. Okay dude, you really need to try the suggestions here. first, try the 1G stick alone. Does it work? If it doesn't, it's incompatable or bad. Return it to the store, if it does work, then keep it in without the original ram. YOU SHOULD NOT MIX RAM! Espeicially if the RAM is of different speeds. If it's incompatable, perhaps you should take it somewhere to have the ram installed. If your system is capable of PC3200, then it must have a newer celeron or Hyperthreading P4 processor. Yes, PC2700 should work in these computers too, but it will slow everything down.
  2. New DW7000? Perhaps you're hitting your FAP.
  3. You are much better off paying the $25 to copperhead and getting the FAP monitor that I wrote. It will monitor all computers on the network attached to a DW6000 or DW7000 without any proxy or other software and you only have to run it on one computer. I personally don't understand why people would want to run a FAP monitor that will slow a computer's network performace and have to run it on all the computers on the network ...
  4. Ah, it's days like this when I love my Small Office Plan. $99 / month and Yes, I get 1.4M down even at 8pm at night! Anyone who isn't getting the speeds DirecWay is advertising at night should realize that as long as you pay the bill and don't complain, nothing will happen. Try opening a few case numbers then open a BBB complaint and write to management. No, they won't fix everyone, but it's likely they'll fix you and get you up and running to shut you up! Anyone who thinks that companies care about them are stupid, companies care about you paying your monthly bill and shutting th
  5. Oh, I love D-Link stuff, Love It! This is how you have to change the IP, go into the router and change it's IP address. Then reboot the router. Now click on START then RUN then type in CMD and press ENTER. Now in the black box type in "ipconfig /release" and press ENTER. Now type in "ipconfig /renew" and press ENTER (pay attention to the slash, it's the key that shares the ? mark. - there are two slashes on your keyboard and it does matter that you use the right one.) Now open internet explorer and type in the new IP address of the router. Done!
  6. DirecWay won't care what you get here or at dslreports. They ONLY use data from their own download test site. The only people who have cared about this site are the engineers I've talked to, support doesn't care and they are told not to. I personally think that perhaps this person was doing something else at the same time or they don't have something right - perhaps it was raining. or... they were being FAP'd!
  7. I have a D-Link 10/100/1000 Gaming Router with Super G 108MHz wireless feeding my desktop, RAID/PVR Server, PVR Client and my 24 Port D-Link DSS-24+ Switch (which has a 256k / port packet store and forward buffer.) The rest of my network is all going through my 24 port switch. Works fine, last long time. I like the D-Link stuff, we use it everywhere. Many like Linksys (which is the consumer grade CISCO stuff - I don't like CISCO though, their stuff is often overkill for what it's used for and requires a freeking twisted backwards CISCO engineering degree to set up - remember CISCO sale
  8. Have they TURN OFF your TURBO PAGE! Don't ask, don't request, demand it. Turbo page is web acceleration for web browsing. I bet if you did an FTP of a file, it would be just fine. You can also change to DirecWay and then upgrade to Professional plan, it's better and you get US Support.
  9. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I'll get around to fixing it soon.
  10. There is no way he could be on a 4000 with speeds like that, he's on a 6000 or 7000 and likely a professional account. Why are you quoting DSL to DirecWay Users? Don't you think we know DSL is better than DirecWay? Don't you think we'd all drop DirecWay if DSL came in the area? Gesh.
  11. Actually, I'm happy with my service, if I could just get them to make it stable. Here are a few hints, first off, get a buisness account, support is better (and us based) and speeds are higher, plus you have more of a chance of complaining. Second off, make sure your installer did his job, if he didn't call the company he works for or direcway and ask that somebody else come out. Thrid, make sure your credit card company knows you are unhappy, make sure to document all the times you called, what they said complete with support ticket numbers.
  12. I've gotten tired of having to always wonder if my DW7000 is down which it has been almost every day since I got it one time or another. So I threw together a little utility to monitor the DW7000. It just parses the DW7000 status page and pulls out the RX,TX codes, Signal Strength and TCP Status and "OK" green button at the top. It logs signal strength changes, Down times and normal system status. The logs can easily be imported into excel or a database for analysis. By default the page is checked every 20 seconds using the IP address: you can change these by modifing th
  13. Because their web accelerator proxy server was broken - besides, web acceleration adds latency to a connection and degrades images. Not what I want. You also assume I'm all about download speed, when in truth, I upgraded for a higher upload speed.
  14. Here's my install post, pretty good on my end, and I've been testing every hour and the rates are staying stable at 1.5 M down / 250k up ($999 setup / $99 / month system) IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS HAVE LEVEL 2 SUPPORT TURN OFF YOUR WEB ACCELERATOR! http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-8756.0
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