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  1. I'm having a problem trying to play a DVD with windows media player 10... They're saying I need or am missing a decoder... All the decoders I've noticed you have to pay for... Is there somewhere where I can get a free one to down load?
  2. okay thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. If that's the box with all the light flashing... it's an RCA.... A few more questions for y'all. (1) Does that card you slide in the slot when you set up broadband have anything to do with general browsing and downloads... cuz if I remember they offered different prices and I got the el cheepo version (2) Which is more important for web page loading and web browsing in general the Processor {mine is only 1.60Hz} or the amount of RAM ...{Only got 128mbRAM}?
  4. Everytime I try to download anything the transfer rate starts off at around 250 KB/sec but always winds it's way down to 38.4 KB/sec.... every time.... I have read every tutoral on here, have used Vanbures guide to set up my cablenut settings but nothing is working. Oh and yeah I've got cable.... Somethings gotta give.
  5. Hey guys is there a software program or hack to help me save all of maybe 15 cookies that I always need to save at shut down? I've been using a program called cookies manager but it sucks cuz I always have to go in a periodically select and clean myself. If you ask me it helps but it's pointless, too. Please help.
  6. thanks for the speedy answer, Sir Aggr3.... the early bird does get the worm....
  7. I can't remember where I read this but is it true that LCD TV's uses 80% less energy that a regular T.V.?
  8. Newbie here asking a real dumb question. Is there a general range for the Default Receive Window and Defult send window.. [first 2 options on the Cable nut chart] for the average cable user on here.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to find out my current existing registry values before I load new settings into cable nut editors new values..... How do I go about doing this the easy way? Is their a way to import them right into the Cable nut thing? This isn't my first time using this but the first time on my Dads computer so I can't really mess up... On my computer I just went ahead and changed values... but this is gonna have to be a different process.. Would like to have a back up of the original values if it's possible. If it's a dumb question... Sorry.
  10. I read somewhere that clearing your PREFETCH file in your REGISTRY will speed browsing up, but is there a downside to doing this as well?
  11. Hi and glad to be here... uh, I just talked to my ISP and they told me my caps. 1.5mps Download 256k
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