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  1. i would check, but i am sure that it is since it was a bundle, but these days u never know.i see that the video card has been talked about, did u try to put a different in and see what happens
  2. did u ever pull one stick out and test and then pull out the other and test to see if both sticks give u errors, and did u check to see if the memory is compatiable with ur Mboard??
  3. i had a problem very similar to what was talked about in the first post. IF this problem has been solved, sorry kinda late on time and didnt read all the post. my problem was my memery, i had a gig of ddr 3200 running at 400 Mkz( i think that part is right, any way i had to underclock the mem to somewhere between 333- to 340ish i think, and after that it ran great no more crashes during gaming, like u i would crash in games
  4. get well soon ca3le. i would like to ride, but i also know there are alot peeps on the road that just dont pay atention to guys on bikes.
  5. my wife joined up, so we have 8 now, still time to get 2 more
  6. done, been waiting all year for this to start back up
  7. im sure Dlewis are Ras could be alot of help here but this is what i woul try. 1st I would put the HD on IDE 1 and put the the cd drive on IDE 2 ( i think most burners like to be set as a master anyway) u will need to go back and change ur jumper on the cd back to master. if the problem is still there i would try changing cables, i have bought a brandnew board before and it came with a bad cable. and if the problem is still there, try putting a different cd drive in and see what happens then.
  8. what kind of wireless cards do u have and lets say 1 is a netgear do u have the netgear software installed and try to look in the cards software and look in the properties and see if u can find out the signl quality. i have a sneeky feeling that is where the problem is.
  9. well what i an talking about is this.down in the taskbar i have my little computer with a moniter on showing the wireless conn and it says signal strenth is excellent, but when i go into my wireless client ulililty is says my signal quality is only about 45%. this is why i cant pull my full 8 meg down on a DL.
  10. so all 3 PCs are running Wireless?? if so how good is the signal strenth to each PC. I have a labtop that will only pull down 5 megs and my cable speed is 8 down and 768 up. ur problem could be that ur signal to the wireless card is not very good.
  11. in some area's. i saw a on anther site today that Comcast said there upload boast should be in place for all custermers by the end of the year. but knowing how big companys work, lets see if it happens
  12. lol oh trust me, he loves going outside, playing soccer and swimming. but he also loves his battlefield just like his dad lol.
  13. well i have tried a pci Vcard and it didnt work, plus i took that same card(one i have never used) and put it in my daughters puter because the card that i took out of it to try in the puter with the problem wouldnt work( always have had a problem with it) but like i said i did try the pci Vcard and nothing.I will try a nic and see what happens. but i am really thinking that the board is some how bad. i have to have a AGP because this is my sons gaming machine as much it is my wifes MY SPACE box lol this machine has to play BF42 and BF2 so anything lower than the 5950 would not be a good thanks for the ideas
  14. my bad, should explained little better. the case was sitting on the floor, some how she turned it over, but i am not sure how hard it hit the floor. but its a AGP card and i put it in another puter and the screen started to come on but i am thinking that the motherboard will only go up to 1-2X and this card is either 4-8X(5950 Ultra) but as i am typing, i am looking hard for a AGP card just lying around that is not being used. as i was reading ur post, in the case that this all started from the card doesnt seem to be getting any power, i know because the fan is not turning, and put it in another case and the fan was turning, but didnt get any video maybe becasuse of the card not being supported by that board. I am really leaning toward that the board somehow is bad.
  15. HI all, my wifes friend some how knocked her pc over and now it dosent work, when i say doesnt work i mean the moniter will not come on when u turn the pc on. i have allready tested the moniter and it works off my labtop. when u do turn the pc on, everything but the video card is on and running and i am guessing the pci slots will not work either. tried a pci card and couldnt get it to come on with it either. any ideas??
  16. i have a computer that is doing the same thing, but i dont have vista. turn it on right now and it will boot and after about 15 20 min, the puter will reboot and tell me that same thing. but i have also noticed that when it reboots the bios doesnt see my drives, i have 1 cd and 3 hd, and it wont see any. Im guessing my board is going out, so i have went out and got another and about to start the change out. i hope thats not ur problem do u hear any clicking are anything when u try to boot that drive??
  17. http://www.ezlan.net/router_AP.html this link might help u out
  18. that i dont know, but i wouldnt be surprised if there was
  19. from reading the reveiws, its looks ok, but peeps didnt like the video quality and settings. I dont know if this would work, but u could try to find a 360 emulater and play the game on the pc and use a program called Fraps (i think is the name) and record it that way. but i could be wrong
  20. well that just figures lol, i think there was a routing problem between me and testmy. that was causing the problem.
  21. have u checked ur firewall on XP on the other machine??
  22. well not add fuel to this fire, but 2 days ago i was having problems like the person that started this thread. I have comcast and was hitting at 1-2 meg down on this site, but testing from the texas server from speakeasy i was getting 6.5 meg down.
  23. well i was there and u didnt miss much, the auto pick did a pretty good job for u guys that missed the draft
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