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  1. Oh, i did it for 5 hours because that was how long it took me to send the file. I can reproduce it, but i hate disabling and re-enabling the nic/wireless card. Im just looking to see if theres an easier way to do this.
  2. Ill try to explain into depth of what i did and what i know about this network.
  3. Actually, it did. The person downloaded using Getright and used both of my connections. Each mirror downloaded at 15k/sec..
  4. I forgot to mention that im on a college connection,w here there are 2 ethernet ports. Ive actually done it, and it worked. It took a lot of work though, maybe 15 minutes of disabling the wireless card then turning on ftp, then doing that for the other connection until my ftp server was able to recognize 2 seperate connections. So i know its possible :/
  5. Ok, my college has capped our internet, 700kdownload and 15k upload. I have 2 internet ports and a router. I have 2 nic card and a wireless card. I have tried setting up 2 ftp servers ont he same computer and messing around with it so it handled 2 connections, but it messes up a lot. Is there an easier way to do this?
  6. I attend msu. Or dorm rooms seem to be capped, but the computers on the first floors are not. I download at 700k/sec and upload at 15k/sec. On the other computers, in the library, on the first floor of my dorm, etc the upload speed is 700k/sec. Anyway to get around this?
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