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  1. so what can i do just call Cox and say "you have too many customers in my area, get rid of them!" ?
  2. at 8AM this morning using your tweak I maxed out at ~8.5Mbps......but now it's 4:30pm and it's below 1Mbps looks like it's too much congestion....... bellsouth DSL is 3Mbps at most and it's only a little cheaper than what I currently pay Cox and I used to have them and wasn't thrilled with them either....oh well I might like Verizon FIOS, but I'm in an apartment so even if it was available it wouldn't be allowed
  3. i just woke up and it's 8AM and here's my results with my current tweak.... Your connection is: 8524 Kbps (about 8.5 Mbps) You downloaded at: 1041 kB/s Your TRuSPEED: ^info^ 9121 Kbps :: 1114 kB/s (7% overhead factored) Bottom Line: You are running: 152 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 0.98 second(s) Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 132.77 % faster than the average for host (cox.net) but I know by this afternoon my download will drop to under 1Mbps
  4. my thread's been hijacked! ok now this is crazy.....all day Sunday my download has been <1Mbps and now it's 2AM here and it's down to 500Kbps how is it that I can tweak it so perform at 7Mbps in the early morning hours one night and now I can't even break 1Mbps!!!
  5. last time I called they asked me to power cycle and they told me to change settings in IE then I told them I used firefox and they said they'd have to send a tech out.....but we know how that is gonna go "don't tweak your settings" or "i can put in a new modem if you think that will work" or "no problems on our end" or "those online speed tests aren't accurate",etc. those CSR people are completely incompetent and I doubt if they send out a tech they'll be much better
  6. TOSHIBA PCX2600 like I said in the early morning hours today I maxed out at 7 or 8Mbps and consistently over 4Mbps............isn't that a sign or congestion during the day limiting my speed?
  7. just over 5 min. ......no improvement, now I'm about 1Mbps download
  8. ok I'll change the memory settings per his suggestion....but like I said I already tried his tweak and didn't think those memory settings would have that big of an effect but I'll give it a try and report back restarting now
  9. I'll try that right now...........are you saying to try it after every tweak or just when I get bad performance?
  10. dude, why would lowering the memory settings make it go faster?....if anything it would go slower! my upload is fairly decent during the day and I reach close to 1Mbps at night
  11. seems to be even slower...............I'll try again at like 3,4am and see how it does then... so if I acheive the 9Mbps and 3 in the morning, then that proves that I've tweaked it all I can and it can get no better..........but then during the day it might drop to less than 1Mbps........<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<so isn't that a clear sign of my area being way to congested or oversold? (so there's nothing I can do about it) doesn't that make sense?
  12. ^ some of those values look kinda weird to me.... but I'll give it a try, it's been less than 2Mbps on testmy.net here and it's almost 10PM are these your settings or did you make this for me?
  13. Van Buren... 1. Windows XP Professional, SP2 2. Cox Communications, 9Mbps down and 1Mbps up 3. http://ttester.broadbandreports.com/tweak/block:423f7d?service=cable&speed=9000&os=winXP&via=normal 4. https://testmy.net and http://nitro.ucsc.edu/ give download speeds anywhere from less than 1Mbps to 2,3Mbps download, but it's 8PM here.....if I test at 3-6AM in the morning I almost always get well above 5Mpbs and max out at 7 or 8Mbps download 5. already did this 6. Using Firefox 7. connected via NIC 8. tried this several times 9. have spware and adware removal programs 10. no zonealarm 11. none of those firewalls 12. no viruses 13. windows up to date 14. have a similar cleaner program 15. I have the newest Cablenut but I've been making my own custom .ccs file
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