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  1. Speed Test Results Your connection rating is:
  2. My service provider is insight and it is terrible. One day it's running fine then try it again the next day and it's like dial up. This provider is adding phone service i really want to see what happens then. They say they need to split the lines in my area but their in no hurry to do that. My speeds have been like this for some time now. Something you pay for should exactly be that, this is inconsistant. I'm from Sterling ,IL """"""""""""""SO IF YOUR THINKING OF GETTING THIS SERVICE BEWARE"""""""""""""""""""""
  3. Your connection is: 2907 Kbps (about 2.9 Mbps) You downloaded at: 355 kB/s Your TRuSPEED: ^info^ 3110 Kbps :: 380 kB/s (7% overhead factored) Bottom Line: You are running: 52 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 2.88 second(s)
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