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  1. hey thanks I have a router but its crazy; it only has one port! So i have to switch (Nic?)plugs Im starting a spagetti junction and im running out of ports; cords tangled everywhere... dont start with the electro magnetic wormhole sermon
  2. Ok i have more dumb questions if anyone can answer ill be I have a BB connection and i also have a 56k connection that i got free with my BB. 1) Can i run both my connections on my computer at the same time? 1b) Will it make it faster? 2) Is it safe to connect my BB modem into my playstation2 and have my 56k modem (connected somewhere to my BB modem i think) running on my computer? I know this one works but im not sure about it. 3) Anyone else run their PS2 online and do you portforward or have any speed tricks? Thanx
  3. Stealth


    Hi medokoko, Read this also, http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097 Made mine faster
  4. Hey This site owns! I runs tests here most days now But i have some questions, after reading some posts. I have been getting good speed here but they seem alot higher than im ment to be able to get I heard Van Buren say that if the setting are wrong you can get false results or surges. I cant even remember what setting i used, but i tried afew untill i understood it, and now i have better results. Iv been testing against the speed test server that my isp gave me and i always get better results here I was going to try Van Burens new settings but i dont want to stuff my sys and
  5. Ok i deserve the title N00b I lowered my screen res and color quality (16bit) and it seems to work?!? On saved media anyway. Not ideal but oh well Thanks If only i wasn't such a noob i might be able to help sum of the good people here Tnx again
  6. Thanks for the feed back This is still driving me :crazy: ! I cant even watch saved video from my computer in full screen. Its grainy and flickers and seems to have lost quality But when i do a sys restore; it works fine and the streaming media is clear also. As soon as i install the updates it turns to crap again. Sry this is such a stupid issue; but is there anyone who knows why it might do this? The faq dosn't deal with issues like "it use to work fine and now its grainy". The funny thing is i can watch my saved vid's with VLC or other players and they are perf
  7. Hey thanks! I'll try the Faq. The wmp (plug in) patch is NOT the problem; its not installed right now and im having the same problem!?! However i cant give the list of the other 4 updates yet, untill i sys restore AGAIN! Biker have you tried to watch (http i think) streaming media on "full screen"? I'll try to get the list of the other updates later.
  8. Hey iv been lurking on and off here and i have been trying alot of tweaks and even managed to get my D/l speed faster; but recently iv had to perform alot of sys restores and i think its due to the new XP updates. When i run the updates, they install but when i goto watch streaming video; its all layered and jumpy. So i have performed sys restore to clear them and re-installed WITHOUT the windows media plug in update. (which i thought was the problem) but it still has conflict... There are 5 updates on my list; has anyone else had this problem with the updates? Should i just instal
  9. Thanks sooooo much guys, you rawk!!! I just spent the last 1/2 hour on the phone to my ISP. It appears that its not my system/modem at all!!! But rather a international problem with all NZ isp's. Thay are saying there is some international problem so that explains why i can get local stuff at high speed but not good download speed HERE!! I feel abit about that tho Hopefully my speed will come back then i can get to tweaking it Thanks again!
  10. ok i reset it, but no change. Is that when you pull the modem plug from the port?
  11. Hey Cholla/ Fallowearth I JUST d/l and installed cablenut / reboot and got even worse results Yep Win xp. I'll try resetting the TCP/IP stack. I have done the whole safe mode scan and there is no spyware or virus.
  12. Thanks, Yea i was reading that again... i just realised that i posted this in the wrong place No i havnt tried that yet tho, i was hoping fix this problem first, that way i would know that it wasnt something else that cause the problem. Hmm ill give it a try... Just had another sys restore thats obviously not going to work Been reinstalling drivers and software also I cant think of much else except hitting it with a hammer that il fix it
  13. Hi, first i want to thank Van Buren and others for the good info on this site, it helped me alot. But i have a problem, i have tested here before and read all the help stickys... Umm i had good test results (for my connection) 256k it was hitting 32 easy; nothing worth compairing to some of the other speeds here but yesterday my connection backed off so i have been testing again and got : :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 83 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 97 kB) Download Speed is:: 10 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Mon Oct
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