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  1. alight thanks im done! thanks for all your help man!!
  2. can u tell me which one to pick and download and set up please? sorry if im taking up too much time
  3. alright so my download increased to 2812 kbps and my upload went up to 721 kbps which im really satisfied about but im just wondering if theres any more tweaking i can do and bump it up a notch or two! =D
  4. alright so im goin to put those values in and restart my comp and take the speed test; will get back to u soon!
  5. wait nvm my fault, i didnt move the scrollbar to the right! soRRy XD
  6. on the message you sent me , you only had the values on the left side. im guessing the picture didnt fit and cut off the right side.
  7. i got ur message and i noticed there wasnt anything on the right side of values.. should i just leave the right side blank and fill the left side in?
  8. the boxes were already cleared when i started it but i did it anyway and my downloads/uploads were still the same. i just got ur message also and ill try that right now!
  9. oh and i have verizon DSL [3.0M/768K]
  10. alright whats up guys, how are u all doing today? Well, what i need help on is on my internet speed. I know this might be a pain in the butt, but i would really really appreciate it if you can help me out. Alright so, these are my internet specs. [3.0M/768K] and i want to get the most out of it if not more than that. If anyone can guide me on to how to set up my things i would appreciate it. once again, thanks! by the way these are my upload and download specs; my download: 2018 kbps my upload: 609 kbps
  11. i have a pretty bad comp and dont want to use space
  12. Hey just wanted to know if you run cable nut with van burens css files and u set them into ur registry, do you have to keep the cable nut program installed or can u uninstall it and delete the files and still keep the tweaked settings?. sorry if this doesnt make sense but im really sleepy.
  13. thanks for the help GUYS!!! i fixed it . I LOVE U GUYS !!!!~~~~ (you guys should be getting payed for this )
  14. regular windows firewall
  15. It does work if i save it to my documents per say but you see i dont want to run the risk of turning off my firewall just to watch a video, know what im saying? I may have blocked WMP from internet access, any way i can unblock it? like where to go? thanks in advance guys !
  16. ya i have a firewall running. if this problem cant be solved i wouldnt mind, its not that important. And no i havent been going through a proxy
  17. *update* FF 1.0.7 didnt fix the prob
  18. to tell u the truth it used to work before, i hate to say this but i may have messed up some settings when i was tweaking my comp. Could've been some settings in Services and Applications under Computer Management. Under further investigation I found this out when i right-clicked Error Details. Someone please help ill try 1.0.7
  19. chronicl3z

    Firefox Help

    Good morning fellas! Well to get to the point now, Ive been using firefox for as long as i can remember and recently ive updated to firefix version 1.5 beta 2 . So when i click on links that show videos, the video wont play. I click on the play button but it just doesnt play. Im not sure if it makes any sense to you guys but maybe this has happened to some of you. Are there any setting i can mess around with to get my firefox to play videos (wmv)?
  20. 1 question, which of van burens cablenut settings links do i download?
  21. thanks for the reply Rev! and for your question, yes i would still love to tweak it and get the most out of my isp. commence the procedure doctor !
  22. Hey guys im a new user here and i just got a quick question that has to do with my verizon isp. I've been having verizon dsl with the 3 Mbps upgrade for about 5 months and so far so good. I discovered this website about an hour ago and i really liked the help and feedback that users give. But lately, to me, it feels like its not as fast as im paying for. I dunno but it just might be me. Anyways, ive read some topics here about tweaking and making you get higher speeds. I would like to know what i can do to tweak and speed up my internet downloads and uploads. Thanks for your help guys ! Any
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