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  1. Ghostmaster, thanks for that site you gave me. It seems that all the 6000's installed in the last few months were pointed to the ia8 sattelite. I have a cross poll of 64, so don't think its an alignment issue. It might just be dway. Thanks for everyones help, this is a great site.

  2. I canceled my 6000 just before the 30 days was up. I then ordered the 7000 off ebay. I decided to do the install myself, just change the reciever and modem. I called the guy that sold me the system and he walked me through the commission process. His only concern was he thought that the dish needed to point to another sattelite than the one the 6000 was pointed to. Well I didn't adjust the dish and It still commissioned fine. The problem that I am having is the uploads are the still sh!!TTYY 30k. I am supposedly on the proffesional plan 1m dn, 200 up. I am getting the 1 meg just not the upload speeds. Is it possible I need to direct my dish to another sattelite? Last thing I want to do is call direcway, especially since I changed the system myself.

    Thanks, John

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