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  1. Diablo321

    New moniter

    Go with the Samsung. I've three of them in the past five years with no problems at all. Believe me, you won't be dissappointed. And Lewis, what is that off brand stuff? Specs arn't everything..
  2. Diablo321

    New Speakers! I'm so excited!

    I've had the z5500's for over a year and theyre still as good as when I bought them. I have em hooked up through fiber optics and the sound quality is amazing. And you still cant beat that 1010 watts of max power!
  3. Diablo321

    Windows Vista ReadyBoost

    yeah.. but its ALOT faster than page files..
  4. Diablo321


    NewEgg rocks!!
  5. Diablo321

    100 MB Download Test. Let's Compair.

    nice Tim, but beat this! 38MB/s ---> 304Mb/second.. it finished in like 2 seconds and the speed was still climbing.. lol my host has a 20gbit backbone so im not too surprised..
  6. Diablo321

    Dedicated Server score

    wow.. crazy speed man! the most ive ever gotten was 40mbit on my high school's fiber network.. i agree with van, thats gotta be the highest test score ever!
  7. Diablo321

    New Servers Speeds

    abyss is a really good web server thats extremely easy to use. all you basically have to do is run the config wizard and your up in running. i used it when i used my home connection to run a server.
  8. Diablo321

    Newegg Enough

    lol who uses the post office to send packages anyway
  9. Diablo321

    New PC, New Problems.

    it wont run all the games at 1920x1080 with 16x antialiasing and 16x antiscopic filtering with max frames per second.. SLi is never pointless
  10. Diablo321

    Post your google.com ping results.

    LOL s1... thats never happened to me before..
  11. Diablo321

    Disappointed with speeds

    Cable. Apparently, the only reason he got Earthlink was because they had a deal going on where it was 29.99/month for the first six months. Oh, and another thing thats strange. His hostname shows up as mindspring.com, which is weird because it appears hes on the same network as me...
  12. I don't have, nor have ever tried, verizon FIOS, but I seriously doubt that only two routers will work with it... Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt FIOS just like a regular cable/dsl modem in the fact that it connects to your router through a 100mb ethernet port? I dont see how any router would be incompatible..
  13. Diablo321

    Best type of video card for animation?

    One problem with Raptors is that they dont have as much disk capacity as many people need. The raptor in my machine only has 74gigs of space, although they do have a 150gig version now.. Another good thing about RAID 0 is that it creates one partition across two separate drives, effectively doubling the capacity.
  14. The default BIOS settings your motherboard manufacturer has set.
  15. Diablo321

    Best type of video card for animation?

    RAID 0 will actually give you a big performance increase when it comes to accessing the disk, but like others have said, it will do nothing in regard to rendering times.
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