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  1. No one ever did flame me, but there were quite a few people that were skeptical about the problem. I eventually ended up at the www.wildblue.cc forum where I found another guy with the EXACT same problem, this was of course after I got WB to admit to me on the phone that they were well aware of and acknowledged the problem was on their end. Problem has been fixed so I
  2. WildBlue has since admitted to the problem being with the 67.54.xxx.xxx IP block on Beam 28 and as of this morning after last nights maintenance and upgrades on their system my speeds are back to normal. I also received a $40 credit on my invoice yesterday for all the run around I got and being an unknowing beta tester for them.
  3. I am a relatively new user to Wildblue satellite service (slightly over a month now) and I have had nothing but problems with this service. I operate a business out in the sticks where DSL or Cable is not available and decided that since Wildblue claimed it has increased Upload speed over that of any of their competition that this should be the logical choice to go with. I got the Pro-package which is suppose to have 1.5 Mbps download stream and a 256Kbps upload stream. When the system is working right I get the advertised speeds - but for 3 weeks now I have experienced download speeds of 500Kbps and upload speeds of 40Kbps. This is due in part to a 2nd set of IP addresses (67.54.xxx.xxx) they have allocated as they claim that the 1st set of IP addresses (12.213.xxx.xxx) got full and had to go with a second set to cover more customers. This goes back to the first problem I encountered which was my modem was resetting itself almost everyday - and it seemed it was at the most inopportune times. It would either reset when I was trying to send an email to a client or when they were trying to send files to me of which I could not receive or send for at least 15 minute to half hour. I would call Wildblue and they had no explanation for it other than maybe my modem was going bad. So they sent me a new one - as soon as I hooked it up and activated it thru the Wildblue site I experienced speeds that were two thirds (2/3rds) my normal speed. I also noticed my IP address had changed from the (12.213.xxx.xxx) to the (67.54.xxx.xxx). I did some experimenting and found that when I get the (67.54.xxx.xxx) IP block that the upload/download stream will not go thru at full bandwidth thru any of my 3 routers that I have at my disposal to test. If I connect directly to any of my 6 computers I get the higher bandwidth I
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