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  1. I have put our installation on hold!! We were so used to Comcast 3000/254 that when we moved to the country, I guess I've just been wanting it back!! Actually, our dial up is only slow for my pogo game site, but once I'm in, its fine, and...ahem...alittle slow on my hubbys picture sites, if you know what I mean!!! If the difference isn't that appreciable, its not worht what we'll be paying!! I am surprised to find the older dw4000 is better than the 6000! And thanks for all the great advice.
  2. We re getting the DW6000 installed this week, and then will come our attempt at home networking! We only have one other computer and its only about 12 feet away!! Can I take the easy way out and just buy a long USB cble??? Will the long cable reduce the speed quality at all?? Do they even come that long! All I know about networking I have learned from you guys herre on this forum!!
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