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  1. John, Thanks for the instructions. I was able to follow them and tweak my system. Unfortunately, the tweak didn't help much because the max connection have already been set on my machine in the tcp optimizer. (thanks for telling me the tweak and the max connections are the same thing Microwave) Anyways, thanks a lot for the help. Special_ED
  2. Jilester What do we name this new dword value that you mentioned? 15(HEX)? Or is that the value? Thanks, Special_ED
  3. ScCoghill, The tweak that I an referencing to is posted at https://testmy.net/topic-1773. (half way down the page) Just follow the instructions on the page. Next, a few tips I have are to BACK-UP YOU REGISTRY and to set a system restore point before tweaking anything. (Just in case that it back fires.) Also after trying 17a00 and 18000, try b000. This tweak has increased my upstream from 17KB to 34-55KB. Now, about my screen name (Special_ED). Well a long time ago I had a friend who was in special ed, he was quiet Bright really but had ADD. Anyways, one morning he said "I'm not specail, just
  4. :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 33 Kbps about 0 Mbps (tested with 97 KB) Upload Speed is:: 4 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Fri Feb 4 18:25:36 PST 2005 Bottom Line:: 1X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 256 sec Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/id-9V1GZK8HJ Works for me to I still think the upload has more potential though...I heard starband users can get up to 150kbs Special_Ed
  5. DIRECWAY is crap. At least it worked good for a while. I guess where back to square 1. Special_ED
  6. More about that tweak and the way it works. Ok; to surf the web your computer sends and receive packets of information to the various servers that make up the internet. These packets eventually translated into pictures and websites that we enjoy. Now the windows default sets these packets to a small size, if we make them bigger (thats the tweak) then the upload is more efficient and therefore faster. Anyways if 18000 doesn't get you going, you may want to try 17a00 or b000. Special_ED
  7. HMMMM... Uploads are crap crap crap...I got about 17kb of upstream and then i tweaked to get 34kb upstream. Uploads are like 4kb. As I mentioned I tweaked and I have posted the instructions for the tweak here... https://testmy.net/topic-1773 They seemed to help me a bit.... Special_ED
  8. WOW!!! Fikester those are superb upload speeds. I wish I could get some thing like that. Unlike your 114kb upstream I get like 34. LOL Oh well I guess 34 is better that the 17kb upstream i was getting originaly. Anways, I followed the Rev's directions and attemped to tweak my dish but didn't get gain anything but 1 ss. Well I'm glad to see such good upload speeds for you. Special_Ed
  9. OH Yeah sorry if I caused confusion the speeds from one of my last posts are the upstream speeds not the actually upload speed. The actual upload speed is like 4kbs. Special_Ed
  10. I am on a DW6000 with the basic 169MB FAP. Originally the tweak was for DW4000/4020 users, I think, but it seemed to work fine for helping my upload a bit. My upload isn't great; one thing have been wondering about is if you re-point you dish to increase SS , do this effect your upload? Special_ED
  11. Fikester, There is an available upload tweak. 1.Click start run and type regedit 2.***before you change any settings save your registry*** 3.click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services AFD 4.Right Click on AFD and select New, and Key name the new Key Parameters 5.click on parameters 6.on the right side (default) will appear under default right click/ new/ dword value 7.name the dword value DefaultSendWindow and set the value too 18000 for windows XP or 17a00 for windows 2000 8.restart your comp. If you don't like the settings delete perimeters an
  12. I'm assuming, HR, that you already tried all the basics (deleting cookies and temporary internet file, running AdAware) I had the exact same problem and the solution for me was to empty my cache. If the problem still occurs after the cache has been empty try downloading a different browser(Firefox or Netscape); this also worked. Special_ED
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