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  1. i have just connected to wildblue. the set up is as follows: from the wildblue modem we go to the smc networks barricade g router which has 4 hardwired ports. each port is hard wired to a hp procurve wireless access point model 420. i have in my computer a linksys pci adapter model wmp54gs. the download spec is 125kbs & the upload is 13kbs. i would appreciate any input as to whether these sats are what to be expected with this set up. i am about 25 feet away from the access point passing thru 3 walls. my connect speed varies from 54 mps to 48,36,24, 18, & 11 mps the above stats were taken from 36mps connect speed. this is all new to me as i have been on dial up at a speed of 44kbs. the speeds do not impress me. the only big advantage is that it frees up the phone line! thank you for your input.
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