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  1. After attempting recovery and finding it would not be possible i was resolved to doing a windows reinstall. Suspecting that the HD was failing (due to the odd failure of the registry backup file and the fact that the HD is old) i did a chkdsk. The message I received from chkdsk (sorry i cannot remember it) was found via internet searches to mean trouble. I decided to replaceéupgrade the old HD and am waiting for it to arrive. Fingers crossed it will be in a few days.
  2. And you were right. Finding that there is a problem with my boot HD backs this up. i wasn't blaming anyone for anything just looking for help and giving information to find out what happened. Thanks for your offer of further assistance, I won't hesitate to post if I run into problems.
  3. np, i had forgotten about doing a recovery thanks for reminding me but sadly it is not going to be possible. Seems my HD is toast. At any rate they are fairly old so i am getting new ones and will start over... thanks again guys.
  4. mudmanc4 - i ran speed tests before and after the first tweak, then not being to get into windows i couldn't of course TriRan - ok thanks i can try using my windows cd when i am able. Also as i said i could not boot into safe mode unfortunately.
  5. Hello all, First I tried the vanburens generated cablenut tweak file based on my mtu, latency etc. I backed up registry first. The setting did not seem to make a difference so i tried to restore my registry. It did not work, said there were missing settings or something like that. Then i tried one of the premade setting files in, version 9, cable dsl, mtu 1500. I backed up the registry, put in the settings then rebooted... to a black screen and a mouse cursor. Resetting did nothing, turned off pc. Turned it on again and the boot started and went to the black screen again... Booting into s
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