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    Vanburen Testmy.net Cablenut Settings

    I don't see an option for this to work with windows 7. Are there any tweaks that will give gains for Windows 7 x64???
  2. RR sucks for xbox gaming. 2 xbox's on same router with RR sucks balls upload speeds of 67x-730kb's it is not supporting 2 xbox's. I sometimes have issues with 1 xbox on my network. they say updates are coming for us but I doubt it.
  3. RoadRunner has business class 6/6 I think.
  4. Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated. The co-loation would have been here in town less than 20 minutes away. So me going there isn't an issue(but you say they charge me/myself for entering a place where my unit housed?) WTF. here is what I'm doing(using it for) a website for my wife(photography for customers to view and then purchase, so there is going to be "subfolders" for each customer for a few months and then it's going to rotate out to new ones). A ventrilo chat server for myself as well as ftp server for myself. I would like to have about 500gb and, good processor and good ram as well as unlimited bandwidth and speed. Any input?
  5. yeah I got a quote(well not really a quote) on D3 that's not happening I was just looking at the costs for these dedicated and virtual dedicated servers at godaddy and other places.. 40gb hd 1 gb ram 1.6 dual core etc... I can build something way better for cheap if I just have the net portion(unlimited/unlimited) hrm...I'll see if I can find something in town.
  6. I'm confused as to how this works. Just wondering.

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    WHOA big fella.. calm down windows key + R made me turn my canooter valve to maximum on second thought I think I'm going with Radmin it claims to be the fastest smoothest on the market. I'll try it first

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    I had realvnc once and it worked, but couldn't get it setup again for the life of me later on down the road with different pc's...maybe it was a moment like lastnight release/renew my arse! I'm going to give it another try and see where I get.

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    I did and it was great. I hope yours was just as good. I placed the hub(which I found an old wireless router D-link DI-514) that I am using as a hub also with the wireless enabled for chits and giggles . my question to you is as follows: What is the best remote administration software to get for the desktop and the laptop I have? Just so I don't have to go to different places to get things and do things with the other computers? Always on, starts with windows and ready to go no 2nd party authorization required.

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    Yup wireless works, i can access both router GUI's from both pc's wired and wireless alike. holy crap I need a beer now. Thanks again man.

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    PLEASE DON'T HIT ME I got in touch with a buddy on yahoo and he looked at it and we came to the conclusion that I needed to release and renew on the laptop NOOB OVERSIGHT mudmanc4 i want to thank you for being patient and taking the time to sit and help me figure this out. The help was greatly appreciated. Ron

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    [img width=952 height=1489]http://i45.tinypic.com/2j6yy9.png LAN FROM A IS GOING TO LAN OF B

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    that's what I did . I am going it again though to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. I have't messed with the main router...no need to correct? just letting you know I'm still here

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    only thing that says client is under wireless settings. I don't get this. I had it working or so I thought and now it's not working.

    Property Wireless Signal Please help!

    I get wired if I put the lan from wnr to the lan of the ap
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