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  1. why don't we all team up and make some custom towers and sell them to help support and promote the site? just an idea
  2. I have also called them and complained so many times that it's no longer funny. These are guranteed speeds -- I am providing web hosting, however it is so unreliable because of them that I am loosing more money than I will ever be able to make.
  3. I've been getting slapped around by Charter Communications. They are charging me $600/month for 3mb/sec down and 1mb/sec up plus 13 ip addresses, however testmy.net reports between 0.2mb/sec to 0.6mb/sec on my upstream. Despite my many complaints, Charter will not do anything to help me. They take my number and say someone will call me back and nothing happens. I know that your upload test is very accurate and I have no idea what to do next. I am sick of being ripped off and here is my question: Should I complain to the BBB or should I file a class action suit against Charter?
  4. Yeah, I've been thinking about going with Nex Lan and getting a T1...hell charter hasn't even gotten the gateway working yet (they keep telling me it will be done today, regardless what day I call in). After putting up with this all week, I am at my breaking point. If they do not get this shit resolved today then I am going to Nex Lan and getting a T1. Yes, the 0.7MB/sec is my upstream. Downstream is great -- 4MB/sec. In the contract I signed, it clearly states 3MB/sec down and 1MB/sec up so I think that joke about the diablo is more of a reality than anything Thanks for your feedback
  5. I have recently purchased a business account from Charter Communications (CBN). They told me it is a 3 n 1 connection (3MB/sec down, 1MB/sec up), however I am only getting around 0.7MB/sec on average. Is this enough of a loss to complain about? Also, with business accounts, aren't we entitled to the advertised speed? Being a business account, one would think that if I am paying $600/month for 3mb/sec down and 1mb/sec up then that would be the absolute minimum I should receive. What do you think?
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