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  1. I I agree completely. What are you gonna do to change it?
  2. The federal government has no place in charity (welfare).
  3. o.O I have a winner. Here is James Madison's statement on the collection and spending of taxes. I love this: AND:
  4. Here is another quote by a founding father specifically dealing with the issue of religious freedom:
  5. What did he mean? In my opinion what he meant was as long as we acted with virtue and honor, holding our laws to the highest regard, not giving in when things were hard and carrying the burden for our children: we would be successful as a nation. Once we decided we no longer cared to hold those things in high esteem then we allow any invader, even our own government to take over our lives and tell us how to be moral and what to define virtue by.
  6. Well here is some more for you madmanc: from the rabble rouser Thomas Paine specifically on the fears of government and what could happen: thoughts from our first President on Foreign Policy: on foreign trade: And again on foreign policy: And not to bring the wrong topic in here, but just to open some eyes, even George believed that people had a right to worship in whatever why they choose. Looking into the future: It is apparent that our country has gone way afeild of the intent of the founding fathers and we have not kept to even the outline of what they intended to make happen. Their wishes and desires have been overridden by agenda's of the few against the many who were never informed enough of what we were agreeing to or the repercussions of it.
  7. Yeah, I heard about that. I also read today that the House has introduced a bill to ban exotic pets. They would have NO imports of pets, between our country from other countries, but get this: you wouldn't be able to buy an indiginous animal of Florida and take it to Iowa where it isn't it's natural habitat. I don't think the Tea Parties were sold as much as you thought by the media. There were a lot of them being organized for a month or better, and posted all over the web. The media finally picked it up when they got so BIG. And I am also continuing to talk with people about what our constitution means. We have dumbed down education, we stopped teaching the history of America. We stopped teaching the constitution as it was meant to be taught. We allowed social security and welfare. The Washington elite culture are all made up up people who's jobs revolve around the government because their jobs depend on it (including but not limited to the lobbyists). The bigger the government, the more jobs they have. We also allowed the house and senate seats to become full time jobs. That's not what they were supposed to be. It was supposed to be a part time job. All the founding fathers had other vocations and were farmers as well. Could you see any of our politicians today doing that? Heck no! John Adams and his wife Abigail were seperated a LOT of their marriage while he worked to make an income, and help build government. We're too cheap and lazy to be that way today.
  8. That's why I think that the Tea Parties are such a good thing. If you go, you have a chance of educating people on what this country was founded UPON and there are a ton of resources to get their thoughts. You can actually find enough references to see what they meant by parts of the Constitution, and how afraid they were that our government could actually become a beast to abuse us. It has happened slowly over the past 100 years, and it's sad. if we were to retake our country under a true form of the Constitution, and get rid of the crap that prior government agendas brought forth: we would be sitting pretty.
  9. But Shugar Bear, I didn't screw up by quoting the facts of what they said. I didn't even state my opinion of them I really do need to go an edit that post for spelling though. Back later
  10. It was the biggest loss ever to the Yankees. hehehehe
  11. It's now 20-2, it doesn't get any better than this for an Indians fan..... St Louis was watcing on thier blackberry's in thier dugout: they were like "Isn't that a record? It should be" HAHAHA
  12. Holy sheeeeat. The Indians are playing at the new Yankee stadium. They got robbed yesterday with bad calls by the Home Plate Umpire and today ... well, bottom of the second and it's 14-2 Indians. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. We aren't ALL that nice, some of us hide in the dark corners and invade your dreams and nightmares... but only some of us ....
  14. So lets bring it on, how has our governement overstepped their constitutional capacities and what has it done to us.... Facts and logic please, no passion allowed
  15. *dresses up like a nurse for Aggr3*
  16. It's so funny that you ask, because I tried very hard to be prepared for my first.... The truth is: be responsible, watch over them, spend time with them and love them. Everything else is out of your control and the more you enjoy the moments with them, the more memories you will have later. Those are important for both of you. Never ever let them think that they are not important, but that doesn't mean you don't discipline them later (after 1 year old). They need to know you care, and you need to love them as much as you can. Take every moment of this pregnancy and don't waste it. The wonder of the first child is never repeated. Feel the baby move, be involved in the doctor visits, and her diet. Show how much they mean to you every moment... The worst thing that could happen from this? You may not be there tomorrow, but she will know you were there when you could be and will tell the baby and as it grows, how nuch you loved it. Lead by example oh, and congrats! You have the world in front of you now
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  18. It's a picture of me Happy Birthday schtud muffin hugglebear hunny bunny!!! :smitten: :smitten:
  19. Hi, welcome... enjoy yourself
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