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  1. I have TW's 6/512 package. Waiting for 10/1 to come to Ohio. That would be awesome.
  2. Well you will most likely need a Windows Xp cd(not sure what version you have). Then do what was said earlier "fixboot" without ". If not then you might be screwed.
  3. My school uses mac OSX on half their computers. And on the new shipment of Dells they got last year XP. 3.0 GHZ, 2gb ram on each beast.
  4. Thats odd. Time Warner is taking over Comcast in my area. :
  5. Nod32 is the best that i have tried and i have tried a ton.
  6. I use Trillian, its the best IMO combines all into one easy to use client.
  7. SP2 is better, neither will affect your internet performance. But the updates are needed man to stay safe.
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