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  1. Those DNS errors seem to happen whether I use the google public DNS servers or not, there is an option to set the DNS back to auto obtain and after a reset the modem will start pulling the DNS servers from my ISP but that was what I was using when the errors started a while back.
  2. I've attached my modem logs as they currently are, seems like tonight its especially bad, I've been concerned lately with the overwhelming number of "DNS Query failed" entries they seem to be almost flooding the logs at times but these other errors are completely new and I've never seen them on in the logs before. I have tried changing the modem to use the google public DNS and Ive tried using the ones that our ISP auto assigns, it seems to have no bearing on the DNS issue. Our connection seems to be unstable at times, I don't know if the whole thing is hosed or if there is just some setting t
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