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  1. has anyone accessed their canopy page lately? i just accessed mine a while ago and noticed an upgrade in the version.. from 8.1.5 SM-DES to 8.2.4 SM-DES.
  2. After changing color codes: improved a little.. or maybe it was off-peak hours?
  3. Anyway, heres my AP Evals: ********************************************* Index: 0 Frequency: 5755.00 MHz ESN: Jitter: 2 RSSI: 1606 Power Level: -45 Beacon Count: 4 BRcvW: 1 DFSEn: 0 FECEn: 0 Type: Multipoint Avail: 1 Age: 0 Lockout: 0 RegFail 0 Range: 882 feet TxBER: 1 EBcast: 1 Session Count: 2 NoLUIDS: 0 OutOfRange: 0 AuthFail: 0 EncryptFail: 0 Rescan Req: 0 FrameNumber: 563 SectorID: 1 Color Code: xx BeaconVersion: 1 SectorUserCount: 26 NumULHalfSlots: 18 NumDLHalfSlots: 55 NumULContSlots: 3 ********************************************* Index: 1 Frequency: 5795.00 MHz
  4. How will you know if the AP has already been upgraded? Is there any indicator?
  5. so i guess it's good then. haha. im planning to change my color code to this: jitter 4-5, rssi 1900+, and a lower usercount is this better or the one im currently connected to. my speedtests scores are kinda low.. now 100-300kbps. if i change my color code.. will i need to authenticate again?
  6. haha i also applied your tweaks thanks for that. i was able to access my canopy page a while ago... my jitter 1-2 and rssi is ~1600.. is that good?
  7. fastest that i got so far.. not constant.. usually from 200-300Kbps..
  8. muffin: That's Great. Did you do some tweaking? If yes, what are your settings?
  9. dazyp: Nope. I'm only dial-up.. Gonna reformat my PC soon.. Hope it solves the problem..
  10. Ok.. Gonna try that out when I get home. Im planning to change my settings manually.. settings like the MTU, MSS, RWIN, Windows Scaling... (I like to do things manually.. haha.. )
  11. I have WinXP Pro on a PIII 600MHz. I already scanned using AdAware, and cleaned whatever thing that it found. Also, i also scanned for viruses using AntiVir. Im at an internet cafe so, I'll just test your suggestions (by Khronic) later.. EDIT: Btw, this has happened before I even tweaked my modem settings.. EDIT2: Tried disabling the auto restart thing, wel.. it still crashed and they have to reboot the system..
  12. Ahh.. I see. Did you only use CableNut to tweak? or you did some manual tweaking as well?
  13. Whenever I connect to the Internet.. after some minutes(1-10mins), my computer will just suddenly restart/reboot. I dont know why. Im getting irritated already. I tried not connecting to the net, after about an hour, it didn't restart. So, I assumed that the "restart" thing problem occurs when I am connected to the internet. What do you think causes the problem?
  14. I already have those files. Thanks anyways! how did you get/ did you arrive at your settings? what did you do? trial and error?
  15. Settings? None at the moment. But I am trying out what ROM-DOS said.. the low-end DSL settings of VanBuren..
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